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How to get a free PS4 console with a new mobile phone contract

FREE STUFF! Great, now that we have your attention we thought it worth re-emphasising how the search for a new smartphone is also one of the best times to capitalise on a free video games console. In this case, the PlayStation 4. However, this all depends on what smartphone you're interested in getting as part...

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Christmas Gaming Gift Guide 2023

The festive period is here so we're picking our must-buy gifts this Christmas with the best games, accessories and console bundles!

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2023/2024 Video Game Release Dates for PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch

A list of all the upcoming major video games releasing in 2023/24 alongside their release dates for PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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The 10 best 2 player PS4 games

Wondering what are some of the best 2 player PS4 games currently out there? We totally understand. After all, the PlayStation 4 has earned its place as the best-selling home console worldwide for a reason, full of great exclusives and multiplatform titles that almost everyone will enjoy – it only makes sense to experience them...

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Map, gear, release date, and more – Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty's Warzone is one of the most successful games in the battle royale genre and we're rapidly approaching its successor. As a result, we're gonna provide all the details you need ahead of it's release on November 16th.

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PS4 vs PS5: Which PlayStation console should you buy in 2022?

Whether you currently own a PS4 and are thinking about upgrading or you're just in the market for a console you're probably weighing up the differences between the PS4 and PS5. Luckily for you, we can help with that as we break down the differences between the two console generations to help you decide where to spend your money.

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Can I use a PS5 controller on PS4?

If you're still playing on PS4 but fancy upgrading your controller it's likely you're looking at the PS5 DualSense Wireless controller so we wanted to answer the question of does it work and how well does it work on the PS4 platform.

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Five reasons to be excited about God of War: Ragnarök on PS5 next month!

If you're keen to find out what's next for Kratos then check out our 5 reasons why you should be excited for God of War: Ragnarök when it hits shelves November 9th!

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Top 10 Upcoming PS4 Games

These are the best PS4 games releasing soon. The PS4 may be reaching the end of its lifecycle, but its still got some great upcoming games coming out. Here's what they are:

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What Games Are Coming To PlayStation Plus Premium Service

Let's look forward to what games are included in the new PlayStation Plus Premium service. We don't think you'll be disappointed!

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The 10 Best Roguelike Games you can play right now

The sprawling roguelike genre has gone from strength to strength over recent years thanks to the prowess of the games within it. To celebrate this we're going to collate a list of 10 of the best roguelike games that you can play right now!

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The biggest PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox games still releasing in 2022

2022 has already treated us to some fantastic titles but let's look at what the rest of this year has to offer for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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