Christmas Gaming Gift Guide 2022

Christmas Gaming Gift Guide 2022

December is very nearly upon us and with that comes the stress of buying the last-minute Christmas gifts for friends and family. Fear not though, as if you’re buying gifts for the gamers in your life, we’ve collated all our Christmassy picks into this one guide! So whether it’s a big console bundle or a great deal on a stocking filler we’ve got you covered. 

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We’ve broken this down into platforms so that you can easily peruse, based on if you’re buying gifts for a Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox fan (maybe all 3!). Use the handy anchor links below to jump to a specific platform.

The Christmas Gaming Gift Guide: Nintendo Switch Gift ideas

So if you’re purchasing for the current or soon to be Nintendo fan there’s a lot of gifts you can go with this festive period. The nice thing about Nintendo is we have a huge amount of price points and stock and availability for gifts that some of the other platforms are lacking right now. Nintendo Switch gift ideas ahead will include discounts on one of the most popular consoles on the market in the Nintendo Switch console presenting you with the best prices and also a plethora of other Nintendo Switch games and accessories.

Nintendo Christmas gift gaming guide

Nintendo Switch consoles Christmas gift deals

The Nintendo Switch is one of the only consoles that has reliable stock right now and that includes the all new Nintendo Switch OLED which boasts a fantastic new screen which is ideal for people who love playing on the go. We have quite a few Nintendo Switch OLED deals available, however if you’re looking to spend a bit less then perhaps the Nintendo Switch Lite or Standard versions are more relevant. 

The Nintendo Switch standard console recently received a decent price drop and Nintendo also re-launched a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle that offers fantastic value as you get a standard Neon Red and Blue Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 Months of Nintendo Switch Online all for £259.99. Some retailers are then bundling this with more items for even more value!

The Nintendo Switch Lite offers an even cheaper option however it is exclusively used as a hand-held and can not be connected to your TV; so keep that in mind! All of these consoles make great Nintendo Switch gift ideas.

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Nintendo Switch OLED: White Joy-Con
Refurbished - Very Good
Nintendo Switch OLED: White Console
In Stock
Nintendo Switch OLED: White Joy-Con
Refurbished - Pristine
Nintendo Switch OLED: White Console
In Stock

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Nintendo Switch OLED: Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch OLED: Neon Blue & Neon Red
In Stock
Nintendo Switch OLED: Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch OLED: Neon Blue & Neon Red
In Stock

from £198.25

98 available deals

from £196.49

96 available deals

from £192.05

85 available deals

from £184.45

60 available deals

from £195.00

53 available deals

Nintendo Game & Watch

Another really cool gift you could pick up this Christmas are the Nintendo Game & Watch consoles; These consoles were originally created in the 1980s, to great success - as such Nintendo decided to create a remake of the iconic consoles, but this time with some of their most iconic games on; they have released both a Mario Nintendo Game & Watch and a Zelda Nintendo Game & Watch version, these make a great Nintendo Switch gift idea, both for fans of the games and those who love the nostalgia of the old Nintendo consoles.


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Compare deals

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Console
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Console
In Stock

Additional Info

  • Pre-installed with Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Ball (Mario version).

Nintendo Switch Accessories Christmas Gift Deals

When it comes to accessories for the Nintendo Switch there is most certainly no shortage; with different colour joy-cons and the revered Nintendo Switch Pro controller which is must-have for those who use their Nintendo Switch in docked (TV) mode. There are also plenty of cases, adapters and controllers/grips to enhance the Nintendo Switch hand-held and portability experience. 

Check out some of the Nintendo Switch accessory deals below by product and be sure to check out our Nintendo Switch accessory category page for more potential Nintendo Switch gift ideas. 

Nintendo Switch Amiibo gift deals

Nintendo Switch Amiibos make for fantastic Nintendo Switch gift idea, not only are they high-quality figurines of everybody's favourite Nintendo characters, they also have an impact and connectivity with the games they’re associated with. Some give features such as new costumes or unlocks, whilst others you scan daily on your console for a reward and so forth. 

Due to the high quality of the Amiibos they’re great for collectors, or as toys for kids whether they’re being used for their game functionality or not. For our entire collection check out our dedicated Amiibo page.

Nintendo Switch Games gift ideas

If you need to grab a gift for someone that already owns a Nintendo Switch, perhaps you could grab them some games. Nintendo provides some of the best first-party titles from family-friendly Mario Party Superstars or the more dark and action-packed Bayonetta 3.

Here are our picks of the best games to grab this Christmas for the Nintendo Switch. Browse the selection below or jump over to our best Nintendo Switch games page to see our full library of switch games and more Nintendo Switch gift ideas.

from £18.50

18 available deals

from £29.99

15 available deals

from £29.99

20 available deals

from £29.99

16 available deals

from £32.00

15 available deals

from £34.95

19 available deals

from £34.99

16 available deals

from £34.99

14 available deals

from £36.99

23 available deals

from £42.99

15 available deals

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Nintendo have also released Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit which brings the fun and excitement of Mario Kart into your living room as you build a custom course and race with a physical kart that is controlled via the Nintendo Switch. Another easy Nintendo Switch gift idea if you're looking to spend around £80-90

The Christmas Gaming Gifts Guide: Playstation

Gaming gifts for Playstation products are quite simple really; a selection of incredible first-party exclusives, solid accessories and a fantastic console. When it comes to the latter the PS5 it has in the past been incredibly hard to come by but now that is not so much the case; thanks to some new official bundles from Sony and supply slowly reaching the levels of demand the PS5 is now very acquirable with some patience and especially if you're willing to buy a bundle rather than a standalone console.

PlayStation Christmas gift gaming guide

Playstation Consoles Christmas gift deals

So as you’re probably aware the PS5 stock issues haunted us in the last festive period but this is not so much the case for Christmas 2022. Although they can be difficult to get, we've helped 1000s of people secure their consoles over via our PS5 page that monitors stock whether it be the Playstation 5 disc edition or the Playstation 5 Digital Edition. 

We track stock up to the minute on PS5 Disc Edition or PS5 Digital Edition across a majority of UK retailers including PlayStation Direct.

from £499.99

63 available deals

from £449.98

40 available deals

from £389.99

9 available deals

from £449.00

8 available deals

from £539.00

4 available deals

from £579.95

1 deal available

Playstation accessories Christmas gift deals

When it comes to accessories the PlayStation consoles both have a great offering of controllers and so forth. The PS4 consoles obviously have a greater deal of them based on the fact it has had a much longer life-span therefore more controller colourways etc. When it comes to the PS5 we are starting to see the dedicated accessories such as the coveted Dualsense controller, Pulse 3D headsets have a lot more colourways and variants than last year. Sony has also released console covers that allow you to customise your PS5 console. 

Check out our category pages on PS4 accessories and PS5 accessories and some best picks below.

from £19.99

26 available deals

from £29.97

22 available deals

from £19.98

14 available deals

Playstation games Christmas gift deals

Playstation is absolutely killing it of late when it comes to their exclusives and a lot of the older PS4 titles such as God of War and Marvel’s Spider Man have reached exceptionally reasonable prices, to the point they’d be great as a stocking filler (these games are also compatible on PS5). 

At a higher price point are the new PS5 exclusives like God of War: Ragnarok which has received glowing reviews and is sure to be a great gift for anyone who already owns a PS5 and hasn’t played this titles. 

We then obviously have all the third-party titles such as FIFA 23, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Elden Ring which are already receiving price cuts and great deals on both PS4 and PS5 platforms. 

We've included some top picks below but jump on our best PS4 games and best PS5 games pages for more.

from £14.49

106 available deals

from £29.76

74 available deals

from £43.89

58 available deals

from £22.36

41 available deals

from £29.95

40 available deals

from £51.85

30 available deals

from £32.26

28 available deals

from £14.99

21 available deals

from £39.95

16 available deals

from £43.73

11 available deals

The Gaming Christmas Gifts Guide: Xbox

There are plenty of gaming gift options and deals available when buying for the Xbox fan or gamer; Xbox is smashing it on the controller front - far out-performing Playstation when it comes to releasing new limited editions and colours. 

They also have a console that is in stock and available with the all-digital Xbox Series S (an incredible value proposition paired with Xbox Game Pass). Then to top it off a growing list of games that are mostly all backwards compatible between the Xbox Series X|S consoles and the Xbox One. 

Xbox Christmas gift gaming guide


Xbox Consoles Christmas gift deals

At the time of writing both the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles are easily acquired and the stock issues of last year that specifically affected the Xbox Series X are no more! In comparison to the PS5 the Xbox Series X is much easier to get the console on its own meaning you are not forced into expensive bundles and can simply purchase the items you want alongside your Xbox Series X.

If you’re looking to find Xbox Series X deals then check our Series X page where we track stock and deals across the majority of UK retailers and find you the best Xbox Series X bundles.

The Xbox Series S however is receiving an all-new bundle which was released at the end of November with special content for Fortnite, Rocket league and Fall Guys which would make a great gift for those who are interested in said titles. Check out the Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter Bundle.

If you’re interested in the Xbox Series S then check out the best console deals available below.


from £237.91

90 available deals

from £241.99

49 available deals

from £439.00

72 available deals

Xbox Accessories Christmas gift deals

Xbox has such a fantastic collection of controllers, from slick and cool to bright and beautiful that make such a great gift; more controllers are never a bad thing in our book. 

Furthermore, a common complaint of the Xbox Series S and Series X owner is running out of memory on their console so perhaps the Seagate Storage Expansion 1TB SSD which easily slots in the back of the console and greatly increases memory capacity is an option for a gift, starting from £184.99 (a bit more on the expensive side, but incredibly useful). 

Check out our Xbox accessories page for more deals and potential gaming gifts.

Xbox Games Christmas gift deals

Lately, we’ve seen the Xbox first-party games start to heat up with Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite Multiplayer (which is free!) release and getting very positive receptions; now you can obviously buy these games but the way to get the most bang for your buck whilst enjoying these titles is with Xbox Game Pass

A subscription to Game Pass Ultimate is definitely our go to pick to enhance the gaming experience of any Xbox fan. You can pick up physical versions of these subscriptions from retailers like Currys and they give Xbox gamers access to a huge library of games including brand-new first party titles including the aforementioned Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. You can see the full list of Xbox Game Pass games on Xbox's site.

Then there are obviously a plethora of third-party games to pick up, below we've selected some of our favourites but be sure to check out our best Xbox games page for more.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months
In Stock

from £12.99

59 available deals

from £14.49

106 available deals

from £14.93

34 available deals

from £17.99

71 available deals

from £18.27

57 available deals

from £21.38

18 available deals

from £22.27

75 available deals

from £25.84

38 available deals

from £29.76

74 available deals

from £43.89

58 available deals

So there we have it! Our favourite gaming gift deals for you to pick up for your loved ones this Christmas (or yourself we don’t judge). 

Let us know in the comments down below if you decide to grab any of these or what gift ideas you have that we may have missed.

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