Xbox Game Pass Deals & Offers

Xbox Game Pass Deals & Offers

Browse 126 deals on cheap Xbox Game Pass subscriptions from the UK’s biggest retailers, starting from just £4.12. We compare prices across the full range of Xbox Game Pass subscription offers every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

Compare 126 Prices £4.12 to £128.25

Game Pass Ultimate Subscriptions

from £6.50

20 available deals

from £19.57

25 available deals

from £53.60

2 available deals

from £110.59

2 available deals

Xbox Game Pass Core

from £4.12

9 available deals

from £10.13

21 available deals

from £18.28

19 available deals

from £32.99

19 available deals

Game Pass for Xbox Subscriptions

from £11.83

3 available deals

from £17.00

13 available deals

from £39.85

12 available deals

Game Pass for PC Subscriptions

from £7.16

1 deal available

from £13.60

8 available deals

Xbox Game Pass membership breakdown

Xbox Game Pass is now available in several versions which are Xbox Game Pass Core, Xbox Game Pass for Consoles, Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All of these options offer you plenty of games to play for free with your membership but the games available depend on which subscription you have and what console they're relevant for. Xbox Game Pass Core has replaced the old Xbox Live Gold and is required for you to play online play with your Xbox console (except in free-to-play games). If you want the most complete package with all the games across both PC and Xbox go with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which also allows for online play as well as access to EA Play titles. You can save money by purchasing Xbox Game Pass subscriptions from third-party retailers and also can also save by purchasing cheap Xbox Live gift cards.

Xbox Live Gold is now Xbox Game Pass Core

Xbox have been doing some restructuring for their subscriptions bringing everything under the Xbox Game Pass banner. Xbox Live Gold is no more and has been entirely replaced by Xbox Game Pass Core. All active Xbox Live Gold subscriptions will be converted to Xbox Game Pass Core.

The price is the same as it was previously and includes online play however they have removed the monthly games that came with Xbox Live Gold and instead are giving Xbox Game Pass Core members a catalogue of games with 36 available at launch, Xbox have said they will update this list 2-3 times a year. On top of this members will receive discounts of up to 50% on selected games in the Microsoft store. In December Microsoft added Chivalry 2 and Totally Reliable Delivery Service to the games lineup. At the bottom of this page we have a full list of all the games available right now with an Xbox Game Pass Core subscription.

Which Xbox Game Pass subscription is right for me?

Deciding on which Xbox Game Pass subscription is right for you comes down to a few determining factors and we'll break those down below so you can pick the right subscription.

  • If you're only interested in playing Xbox online then going for the entry-level £6.99 Xbox Game Pass Core is the way to go, you'll receive a catalogue of 36 games to play straight away and save yourself some money on the more expensive options. 
  • If you primarily play games on your Xbox and don't often dip your toes into online play then Xbox Game Pass for Consoles is your best option thanks to the huge catalogue Xbox titles available for just £8.99.
  • If you're a PC gamer and don't play on Xbox then Xbox Game Pass for PC is your best bet. This includes the EA Play membership as well as the full Xbox Game Pass selection of games for £7.99.
  • If you want the full package to be able to play online on your Xbox as well as gain access to the Xbox Game Pass catalogue on both PC and Xbox as well as EA Play titles then go for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which is £12.99 a month

Instant access to a library of 400 great Xbox Games

Xbox Game Pass currently represents one of the best value propositions in all of gaming, being a money-saving alternative to just buying every game outright by subscribing to an ever-rotating library. More games are routinely swapped in and out of what’s on offer, but there is currently over 400 titles to choose from. These range from rough and ready first-person shooters to more colourful 3D platformers suitable for players of all ages. Every month new games are being added so the value just keeps coming.

All Xbox Exclusives are included in Xbox Game Pass

Since the beginning of Xbox Game Pass, every single Xbox exclusive is on Xbox Game Pass day one. This means you've got a huge back catalogue of fantastic first-party titles to choose from as well as the ability to play the latest and greatest that the Xbox developers have to offer.

2023 titles like Starfield and Forza Motorsport are available to download and play right now and 2024 titles like S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Hellblade 2 will be available on release day.

EA Play membership included to add even more value

Adding EA Play memberships to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC leads to even more titles for subscribers to play and enjoy. This means you can play the latest sports titles like FIFA 23 as well as many more. EA Play also allows for players to have 10-hour game trials of their latest titles such as EA Sports FC 24 so you can try before you buy. EA Play also grants 10% discounts on EA digital titles from their store.

Xbox Game Pass games library

With subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC/Console, you will have access to the full library of Xbox Game Pass. This list is ever-growing and changing with titles and new releases being added each and every month. Keep in mind games also do leave this service however Xbox exclusives will always be available. Due to the fact this list is often changing you can see a list of all the Xbox Game Pass games in the library directly at Microsoft. Be sure to check this out to inform whether there are games you want to play to make it worthwhile picking up a subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Core games library

Xbox Game Pass Core members do not get access to the full Xbox Game Pass library with their membership but fear not there is still plenty of games to enjoy as a part of your subscription. Currently there is 36 titles available that we will list below, Xbox plans to add additional titles a few times per year.

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