Cheap PS5 games

Cheap PS5 games

PlayStation 5 is home to several great third-party games and first-party exclusives, ranging from racing games, first-person shooters and classic style 3D platformers. Whether you prefer sci-fi space adventures, gripping character-driven stories or gritty war epics that sees you fight through the trenches in first-person, there’s sure to be a great PS5 game for you.

New and upcoming PS5 titles

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Last year was an exciting one for PlayStation 5. Elden Ring, God of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West were all released and played brilliantly on the powerful platform. Whilst this year we have Hogwarts Legacy which has been released and is a must-play for Potter fans. With Final Fantasy XVI and Diablo IV on the horizon which looks to greatly benefit from the incredible technology, Sony has employed with the PS5. Make sure to check to get the best price on all your PS5 games.

PS5's biggest shooters

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Whether in the firefights of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, or the futuristic apocalypse of Battlefield 2042, the PS5 has plenty of shooters to get your heart pumping. Even if multiplayer warzones aren't your thing Dead Space can scratch that survival horror itch aboard the USG Ishimura. Whatever weapon you pick, is here to make sure you always get the best deal possible.

PS5 RPG deals

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Horizon: Forbidden West is a perfect world to escape into, and on the PS5 there's no experience quite like it. If you want to swap robots for vampires, you can explore the mystique and intrigue of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. If you're still not sated, head into the far reaches of The Lands Between with the PS5 version of the groundbreaking RPG Elden Ring.


Best value PS5 sports games

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Of course, the usual annual sports games like FIFA 23, NBA 2K23, and Madden NFL 23 run fantastically on the PS5, but there are some other great sports games available to play today. For racing fans, Gran Turismo 7 released late last year and benefits greatly from the PS5's power. There are also indie games like OlliOlli World and Blood Bowl 3 for fans that want something a little different. Whatever your sport of choice, make sure to check for the best prices.

Huge exclusive PS5 titles throughout 2023 and beyond

The PS5 has been a rampant success since its November launch, fully capitalising on people's hunger for the next generation of consoles after the unrequited success of PS4. Along with the most powerful PlayStation console ever built, several returning exclusive franchises return. The biggest title at launch was Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the follow-up to the PS4's hugely successful web-slinging adventure, Marvel's Spider-Man. However, there’s now plenty more to enjoy, including Returnal, Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, God of War Ragnarok and Astro's Playroom, the last of which comes pre-loaded on the console.

Massive third party titles look and play great on PS5

Though the PS5 promises enough exclusives to keep you going right the way through the console’s entire lifespan, it will also of course play host to versions of third-party games that will benefit from faster framerates and higher-fidelity visuals. Some of the best examples include FIFA 23 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, two of the biggest franchises getting their latest outings on the new generation of consoles. No matter if it's scoring last-minute winners against your mates or teaming up in a thrilling match of Headquarters in Modern Warfare II, the PS5 is the best way to enjoy all this. In 2023 we'll see the likes of Forspoken, Final Fantasy XVI, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and many other huge titles taking advantage of the power and prowess of the PS5.

Instantly start playing with the PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection

Almost every PS4 game was made readily backwards compatible on the PS5 from launch, making it easy for new purchasers to dive into their existing libraries. However, Sony also granted PS5 owners access to The PlayStation Plus Collection, a library function that gives every subscriber to Sony's PS5 online subscription access to several huge PS4 titles, absolutely free. These include God of War, Days Gone, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian and many more! The collection represents a staggering amount of value. Playstation Plus is also required in order to gain access to online multiplayer on your PS5. 

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