Nintendo Switch Case Deals

Nintendo Switch Case Deals

Compare over 88 Nintendo Switch Case deals from 15 gaming retailers, with prices starting from just £3.99 to £34.99. Our easy filtering system allows you to find the perfect Nintendo Switch case deal.

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Protect your console and look good doing it with a Nintendo Switch case

One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is the ability to undock it from your TV at home and take it with you; it’s a factor that’s unique to the hybrid console unavailable with PS4 or Xbox One. Whether you intend to play while commuting or simply wish to use it in another room, the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode is undoubtedly one of the features that has made it such a hit.

However, as with any handheld device, be it a smartphone or a gaming system, carrying it around with you does pose an additional danger of dropping it or damaging it in a way that other classic home consoles aren’t typically exposed to.

Thankfully, there’s loads of Switch cases out there, ranging from official Nintendo soft bags and form-fitting hard shell to more affordable, third-party options. Here at Gaming Deals, we compare prices and models regularly using our accurate filter tech, making it easy for you to find your ideal Nintendo Switch case of choice for a bargain price.

A console built for travel

One of the main advantages Nintendo Switch has over its console rivals is its ability to be played on the go as well as at home. As such, a decent case could pay dividends for those concerned about the welfare of the hybrid console. While popping it in a bag or backpack works fine, inserting the console into a dedicated Nintendo Switch case prevents the risks of bumps, scrapes or scratches.

Storage for your games, memory cards and more

While almost every Nintendo Switch case will increase protection tenfold, a select number of them offer slots and space not just for the console itself, but your games and memory storage cards too. This comes in particularly handy for those who still prefer buying their games physically and don’t want to fumble around with game cases.

A wide range of charming Nintendo designs

You’re never left wanting for cool designs when picking up a new Nintendo Switch case, with many touting designs featuring famous characters like Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. There are still, however, plenty of more muted case designs if you’re looking for something less flamboyant. Whatever Nintendo property or franchise your into, there’s plenty of Switch cases to pick from.

Third-party and first-party case options

As with most game accessories, it isn’t just the expensive first-party stuff players have to contend with, but a slew of attractive options developed and engineered by third-party manufacturers. These are usually much cheaper than something made in-house by Nintendo, providing you’re willing to accept slightly less build quality. However, some also sit at the higher end of the Switch case spectrum.

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