Cheap Nintendo Switch Controller Deals

Cheap Nintendo Switch Controller Deals

Looking for a Nintendo Switch controller? Below you'll find a selection of first and third party controllers for the Switch, this includes both Joy-cons and "Pro" controllers. We're currently comparing 104 deals from retailers, compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

Official Nintendo Switch Controllers

Take a look below at the range of official controllers for the Nintendo Switch Console

3rd Party Nintendo Switch Controllers

Take a look below at the range of 3rd party controllers for the Nintendo Switch Console

The many Nintendo Switch controller options

A massive perk of the Nintendo Switch is that you get two perfectly functional controllers right out of the box. Yes, the Joy-Con make going it co-op in games like Luigi’s Mansion 3, Diablo III: Eternal Collection and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe much easier than it otherwise typically would be, but what if you want to improve your competitive skills online or relax into a gripping single-player storyline. A Nintendo Switch Pro controller might be a worthwhile investment, being a gamepad that’s on par with the official PS4 and Xbox One controllers. However, there are plenty more Nintendo Switch Controller options out there.

Here’s a breakdown of each type of Nintendo Switch Controller we compare prices on daily, and how each type of Switch controller could benefit your gaming style. Let’s dive in…

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is often considered the most reliable choice when it comes to selecting a standard gamepad for the Nintendo Switch. In the debate between which console has the best controller, both this and the PS4’s Dualshock 4 are in constant close contention – and for good reason. The Pro controller feels good to hold, includes a D-pad useful for fighting games, and is fully compatible with HD Rumble: Nintendo’s noticeably more advanced type of vibration feedback.

It’s not the cheapest option but if your heart’s set on the Switch Pro controller, go ahead and compare prices for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at all major UK retailers.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair

An abbreviation of the terms ‘joystick’ and ‘controller’, Joy-Con are the two left and right controllers that sit either side of the main Nintendo Switch unit/screen. Both can be detached and used as an independent gamepad, but act as the core method of playing Nintendo Switch in handheld mode when use together. Every Nintendo Switch comes with a Joy-Con pair by default and are available in a range of other colours should you ever need to replace them. They lack a true D-pad, instead having Up, Down, Left and Right as sperate buttons, but HD Rumble can be fully felt.

If you’re looking to buy a spare pair of these awesome Switch controllers, you’re only one click away from comparing cheap deals for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch Wired Controller

Officially licensed by Nintendo itself, the standard Nintendo Switch Wired Controller is a more affordable rendition of all that’s offered in the Pro. It may lack a wireless connection, but the result is a gamepad that cuts the cost of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller by roughly a third – and the connecting cable is a generous enough length – 8ft, to be exact – that the inability to play wireless is never really an issue. Designs for the Nintendo Switch Wired Controller are also incredibly varied, with first-party characters like Donkey Kong, Bowser and Mario himself all given their due.

Hori Nintendo Switch Wired Controller

Hori has quickly become one of the most recognisable third-party gamepad manufacturers, having developed controllers for all three major consoles. Its philosophy is to provide a quality gaming experience with a controller that is suitable for younger players and without breaking the bank. The Hori Wired Nintendo Switch Controller absolutely achieves these respective goals, featuring fast-trigger shoulder buttons and certain turbo play functions for those who want them.

Pokken Tournament DX Pro Pad

It can be rare these days for a controller to be designed with use for a specific game in mind, but the Pokken Tournament DX Pro Pad is just that. The game in this case is obviously Pokken Tournament DX, a fighting game centred around Pokemon, and is explicitly styled as such complete with an ergonomic design and button layout optimized for Pokken Tournament DX. The controller is wired to avoid any chance of input lag and will suit anyone seeking to play the game competitively.

Nintendo Switch Battle Pad

Similar to Pokken Tournament’s DX Pro Pad, this officially licenced Nintendo Switch Battle Pad is intended for competitive play. Where the Battle Pad differs, however, is in just how much it resembles the shape and look of an original GameCube controller. This is because members of the Super Smash Bros. community feel like there’s yet to be a better suited controller for the game developed. It’s essentially a like-for-like reproduction of the Gamecube gamepad, only it plugs straight into the USB slot of the Nintendo Switch Dock – there’s no need for an adaptor.

PowerA Wireless Gamecube Controller

PowerA is a game accessories manufacturer that has plenty of experience developing officially licenced controllers for the Switch. Their take on the classic GameCube controller design has obviously been done as accurately as possible to cater to diehard Super Smash Bros. players, but the standout aspect here is that it’s wireless. It connects to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth and is powered by two AA batteries that allows for 30 hours of play time.

PowerA Enhanced Nintendo Switch Controller

The PowerA Enhanced Nintendo Switch Controller is the company’s answer to the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Like the Pro controller it is fully wireless, features offset analogue sticks and comes in a range of attractive designs featuring classic Nintendo characters. The real boon here is how affordable it trends to be compared to other wireless pro gamepad models out there.

Where to buy a Nintendo Switch controller

There are so many variants of Nintendo Switch controller out there, it’s unlikely you’ll get the full pick of the bunch from just one retailer. Thankfully that’s why Console Deals exists – to save you the trouble of hunting one down by pulling in the best deals on each. Here are just some of the retailers we compare prices for.

Great Switch controller deals from GAME

The UK’s biggest physical games retailer is no stranger to stocking a wide range of Nintendo Switch controllers. Odds are, if you have a particular preference – be it wired, wireless or designed with competitive play in mind – GAME will have what you need. Even its selection of standard Joy-Con controllers covers specialist colours like Neon Green and Pink.

Nintendo Switch controllers with quick delivery from Amazon

Amazon not only makes it easy to purchase Nintendo’s first-party selection of controllers, but an entire swathe of third-party options too. This includes PowerA and Hori’s wired and wire-free gamepads that are generally more affordable in price, as well as controllers that have been manufactured with competitive play in mind. Whatever your Nintendo Switch controller needs, you’ll likely find it from Amazon.

Pick up a Switch Controller today from Argos

Argos has an advantage over most retailers that stock Nintendo Switch controllers in that they offer players the ability to “click and collect” at a time and place that is most convenient for them. Its range is modest enough that what’s on offer will never confuse, but extensive enough that wired, wire-free and e-sports gamepads are all viable options.

Console Deals – the home of the best Nintendo Switch deals

The Nintendo Switch is the latest major console innovation from Nintendo, combining the comfort of playing in your own home connected to your TV with the ability to take the console out and about as a handheld.

Naturally, one of the biggest challenges Nintendo faced was how to incorporate controllers into the Switch, ensuring that they had the dexterity and complexity to work in console mode while also being able to combine with the console unit in order to make the console truly portable. That’s where the Joy-Con controllers come in. You can read more about these in our Nintendo Switch controller guide, found here.

Whether it’s a pair of Joy-Cons you want or the integrated, all in one Pro controller, Console Deals is the only place you need to find the best price on the Nintendo Switch controller of your choice.

Multiple-coloured Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

If you have an original model Nintendo Switch console, then you can break off its two Joy-Cons and play co-operatively with another player at any time. However, another great boon to this is that its easy to snap on and snap off all manner of different colours. Originally only Neon Red/Neon Blue or plain Dark Grey were available, but since then you can find Joy-Con coloured in everything from Orange, Purple and Yellow. Suddenly, the colour combinations are endless.

Third- and first-party Nintendo Switch controllers

While the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Joy-Con variants always guarantee quality because they’ve been created by Nintendo itself, a slew of third-party accessories manufacturers also have released more affordable options. These vary in terms of design and function, but anyone unfamiliar with these brands can rest easy knowing that most create Switch controllers that are officially licensed by Nintendo. Quality control is always undertaken.

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