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Mario’s gangly scaredy-cat brother returns for this ghostly threequel on Nintendo Switch, where he is once again challenged to make his way through the haunt-filled halls of a spooky building. He’ll need to hold his nerve long enough to gobble up as many phantoms as possible using his trusty Poltergust G-00 vacuum cleaner, moving from room to room within a luxurious hotel in the effort to save Mario, Princess Peach and a group of Toads who thought they were going on holiday.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 marks the first time this series has been rendered in beautiful HD quality, continuing the story of both the GameCube original and Nintendo 2DS sequel, Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. This time, however, there are new modes and features to try out, including the ability to burst into the air to keep the ghosties at bay and summon a flubber-like version of himself, Gooigi who can pass through spikes and grates.

Luigi’s Mansion’s spooky stylings debut on Nintendo Switch

Most games centred on ghouls and ghosts are typically reserved for mature audiences, but the magic of Nintendo means that the Luigi’s Mansion series can be enjoyed by kids and big kids alike. The new entry, Luigi’s Mansion 3, successfully continues this tact by offering up a whole new haunted manor to explore and multiple new ways in which to do it. Chief amongst these is the introduction of a new free-form level structure, which renders areas more open than ever before.

Featuring a beloved central character, charming settings and a whole host of ghost-gobbling adventure, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has quickly become one of the most celebrated titles on Nintendo Switch. Not only does it offer players a well-rounded solo experience, but a suite of co-operative multiplayer options mean you can suck up ghosts together.

Suck up ghosts and stun them using all-new abilities

Whereas previous Luigi’s Mansion games simply required you to slam ghost enemies before being able to suck them up successfully, the third game introduces many more new ways to do so. This includes the incredibly useful Suction Shot (which shoots a plunger to enemies and pulls them closer to you) and Burst, an attack that sees Luigi jump up high and release a gust of air to prevent himself from being swarmed.

Luigi's Mansion 3 slam

Luigi's Mansion 3 co-op

Take on ghosts with friends in ScareScraper mode

Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t force you to enter the scary territory of a haunted mansion alone, for the very first time introducing a new multiplayer co-op mode that lets you and up to seven friends tackle a swathe of ghosts. It’s aptly named ScareScraper mode and will challenge teams of different coloured Luigis to move up through the floors of a hotel while completing challenges and collecting coins. Will your team of Luigis survive?

Vacuuming ghosts in HD for the very first time

The original Luigi’s Mansion released in 2001 for the Nintendo Gamecube, during a time when consoles were incapable of rendering games in High Definition. Since then, however, technology has made it easy to bring both cartoonish and realistic characters to life, but even still the Luigi’s Mansion series returned with a sequel on the visually challenged 3DS. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the first HD entry thanks to the power of Switch, bringing you closer to this charming world.

Solve puzzles and access spaces with Gooigi

One of the newest mechanics Luigi’s Mansion 3 brings to the table comes in the form of Gooigi, a gloopy green doppelganger that can access spaces Luigi himself is unable to. As Professor E. Gadd’s latest invention, he easily can slip through tight spaces and walk across spikes and introduces a whole new dimension of play and puzzles for the series. Slimy yet satisfying!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 best price

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