PS4 Accessories

PS4 Accessories

Browse 175 PS4 accessory deals from the UK's biggest retailers, starting from just £1.99. We compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible for PS4 Accessories.

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Enhance your gaming experience with a few handy PS4 accessories

Congratulations. You did it. You’ve chosen PlayStation 4 as your preferred place to play. It’s a great platform in which to experience a stellar line-up of first-party exclusives as well as multiplatform games from the likes of Ubisoft, Activision and EA. There are, however, plenty of additional accessories that can help you better squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of Sony’s platform. Whether you want to keep your controller charged for longer, delve into online play or establish the perfect sitting posture while playing, here we’ll break down the benefits of PS4’s various extras.

PS4 Controllers

There are various reasons why PS4 players might want an additional controller. Maybe you crave a more eSports-driven gamepad design that will help you gain an edge over competitors or are wanting to play two-player games with a friend locally on your sofa. Luckily, there’s plenty of PS4 controllers available other than the standard Dualshock 4 you can research and compare.

PS4 PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is currently the only virtual reality headset option for console owners. By interacting with your console’s standard PS4 camera it is able to track your head and hand movements and mimic them in games, bringing you closer to the world titles like Skyrim, Doom and Batman Arkham set you in. The experience is enhanced tenfold when paired up with two move controllers, letting you realistically pull of in-game actions like shooting a gun and swinging a sword.

PS4 Headsets

A PS4 gaming headset helps to immerse you in games much further, providing you with audio delights and soundscapes you’d otherwise likely miss or never notice. The PS4 comes with a standard earbud right out of the box, but that’s more for communicating with other players online rather than delivering directional audio or surround sound. A fully featured gaming headset can help you zone into the act of play free of outside world disruption.

PlayStation Plus

A PlayStation Plus subscription is required for players looking to play online PS4 game. They can be purchased in 3- 6- or 12-month capacities, or alternatively can be paid on a month-to-month basis so you never need think about it. In addition to access to online multiplayer PlayStation Plus also gifts its members two free PS4 games per month, both you’ll be able to play for as long as you stay subscribed.

PS4 Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are perfect for anyone who find its tough to get comfortable in a traditional office chair or when sat on their bed. A lot of them feature slight design adjustments that make them better suited to a play experience, with drinks holders, arm rests and a cushioned headrest being good examples. Every gaming chair varies in size, colour and design, meaning there’s sure to be one out there suited for you.

PS4 Steering wheels

As the home of such celebrated racing game franchises as Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer and, of course, Wipeout, it’s only reasonable that PS4 is a breeding ground for various Steering Wheel peripherals. Most differ in the exact kind of setup they offer, with certain manufacturers allow the wheel to connect wirelessly, some coming with pedals and others emphasising a textured grip. Needless to say, if you’re a petrolhead wanting to simulate the driving experience as closely as possible, a steering wheel for PS4 is an ideal solution.

PS4 Stands

The PS4’s design is elegant enough that it looks pretty good either stood up or laid down when placed in your entertainment centre. However, if you prefer your PS4 to be stood on its side there’s still every risk that it might get knocked over. A PS4 stand removes the chances of that happening, allowing Sony’s console to stay firmly straight in a position that is always safe.

PS4 Power & Chargers

Keeping your PS4 controller charged, regardless if it’s a Dualshock 4 or not, can be of vital importance if you plan on playing until the early hours of the morning. Or, perhaps more likely, a rather extended play session. Usually you’d have to connect your gamepad to the PS4 directly in order to continue playing via a USB-to-Micro USB cable, but a dedicated charger or charging station helps keep you powered up for multiple hours.

The UK’s best priced PS4 accessories

One of the most popular, best selling consoles of all time, it’s no surprise that the PS4 boasts a huge range of accessories. From controllers to online gaming headsets and much more, it can be tough to know what represents good value and what you may well be paying over the odds for.

That’s where we come in. Using our state of the art price comparison tool, we compare prices on dozens of accessories from the UK’s biggest gaming retailers to find you the cheapest priced accessories out there.

Don’t forget, if it’s more than just accessories that you need, we also have a great range of deals compared for both consoles and games, so there’s no need to go anywhere else to find the cheapest price when it comes to PS4!

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