Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch Accessories

Browse 309 deals on official Nintendo Switch accessories from the UK’s biggest retailers, starting from just 3.49. We compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

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Make the most of your Nintendo Switch with some nifty extra accessories

Nintendo surprised everyone when it fulfilled the promise of giving players a hybrid console that works just as well on the go as it does at home. And would you believe there exists a few subtle extras that can make playing games on Nintendo Switch even more convenient and enjoyable. These various Nintendo Accessories included cases that help protect your console when taken out and about, straps to ensure your Joy-Cons never go flying and cardboard LABO sets that unlock a new world of play.


One of the perks of the Nintendo Switch is that you get two Joy-Con controllers right out of the box, capable of being broken off and used as a traditional gamepad or slotted either side of the screen for a traditional handheld console experience. However, those craving a legitimate home console experience will likely want something more akin to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller – which features a D-Pad, HD rumble and textured grip. There are plenty of Nintendo Switch controllers out there.


Don’t run the risk of dropping your Nintendo Switch and cracking the screen. Take the safe route and pick up a Nintendo Switch case instead. There are multiple different designs out there, with most offering storage for games as well as hard-shell protection. It’s also easy to find a case sporting a colourful design centred around such Nintendo characters as Link, Donkey Kong and, of course, Mario – you’ll never lose your Switch an easily identifiable case like that.

Nintendo LABO

Nintendo LABO represents the Japanese toy maker’s attempt to let its players engage with something physical as well as digital. It’s a cardboard-based DIY world of creative builds, affording kids and kids at heart the chance to make cool creations. They come as various sets and there have been four released so far: Variety, Robot, Vehicle and VR, with each working around your Nintendo Switch with a range of unique mini-games.


The uniqueness of Joy-Con controllers means that there are certain accessories not needed on other platforms but can make or break the Nintendo Switch experience. The need for grips is a perfect example of this, with a grip referring to the peripheral that brings both joy-con controllers together to more resemble a regular gamepad. Both simply slot into either side of the grip, removing the likelihood that your palms or fingers will cramp during an extended play session. A good Nintendo Switch grip is one that’s been designed with comfort in mind.


Straps are a necessity for any motion control game where you find yourself swinging a Joy-Con in the effort to mimic, say, a baseball throw or tennis racket lob. Anyone familiar with Wii Sports will no doubt recognise the important of tying the controller to your wrist in scenarios like this, saving the lives of televisions and vases everywhere. Joy-Con straps work in just the same way.

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are an ideal solution for anyone wanting to kick back, relax and really enjoy a lean-away experience when playing their Nintendo Switch. This is especially the case when docking your Switch in order to play on the big screen, with a gaming chair letting you do so while treating you to ample arm, head and back comfort in spades. They are padded, can be adjusted accordingly and are extremely ergonomic to most body shapes.

Power & chargers

The Nintendo Switch is arguably the most important console currently out there when it comes to keeping things charged. This is all due to its emphasis on portability, where taking it with you and playing such high-profile releases as Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 on the go is a modern marvel. The two Joy-Con and the Switch unit itself boast their own batteries, and thankfully there’s a suite of first and third-party chargers that ensure all three can stay fully stacked with power.

Steering Wheels

Whereas steering wheels on other platforms work as a totally separate controller/peripheral, those for Nintendo Switch are ostensibly lavish pieces of plastic that house a Joy-Con controller in order to mimic the action of turning a la Mario Kart Wii. Th Joy-Con feature built-in HD rumble so you still get a great sensation of feedback when you pass over every bump or turn a corner, and almost every steering wheel is cheap.

The most affordable Nintendo Switch accessories in the UK

Compare prices across a huge range of accessories for the Nintendo Switch, the new console taking the world by storm. No matter if you’re looking for official accessories, including controllers, wheels and cases to keep your Switch pristine no matter where you choose to take it, you can trust Gaming Deals to have the most up to date prices from some of the UK’s biggest retailers so you can find the best low price bargains around.

If you’re still yet to buy a Switch, be sure to check out our Nintendo Switch consoles page to find all the latest console bundles and deals, price checked regularly, including on the all new Nintendo Switch OLED model. While here you can find the lowest prices available on the biggest games for the Switch.

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