PC Games - Cheapest Prices & Deals

PC Games - Cheapest Prices & Deals

Boasting one of the most diverse libraries in all of gaming, PC is the place to play for gamers wanting to enjoy a huge variety of titles. Our unique filtering system compares price listings from all over the web, making it easy to save money on both new and classic PC titles.

Must-Play PC Games

For PC gamers, one of the biggest selling points is the sheer volume of games available. The huge range of games means gamers truly can find anything they are looking for. From triple A titles to indie classics there is a whole world to explore. Some of the biggest titles include FIFA 22, Call of Duty Vanguard, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5.

Here’s just a taste of some classic PC games you must play:

from £7.99

172 available deals

from £35.99

169 available deals

from £29.99

157 available deals

from £0.01

155 available deals

from £29.30

150 available deals

from £18.99

149 available deals

from £14.97

138 available deals

from £4.99

137 available deals

from £11.99

127 available deals

from £0.01

118 available deals

Online gaming with a Xbox Gamepass subscription

As well as great single-player experiences, PC gaming has become home to various multiplayer-centric games like Battlefield, Call of Duty & FIFA. For PC gamers, one of the best ways to do this is through Xbox Gamepass

Multiple subscription options to choose from

Like most subscription or membership services out there, Xbox Game Pass offers players multiple price points in which to get in on the action. A standard one-month sub, for instance, generally costs £7.99 per month, while a 3-month subscription sees you save a little bit of money at £14.99. These increments range from 1, 3, 6, all the way up to the full 12, so there’s sure to be an Xbox Game Pass membership entry fee ideal for you.

Go Ultimate to combine the benefits of Game Pass and Live

In addition to the standard SKU of Xbox Game Pass, players that want to secure the most value out of Xbox One can upgrade their membership by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This super-charged version of the services fuses the perks of Xbox Live Gold (online play, two free games per month) and Xbox Game Pass together. Doing so works out much cheaper than if you were to sign up separately.

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