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“I was born in Moscow. But I remember nothing of that time.”

In 2013 the world was devastated by a nuclear event. Ever since, the world has battled to survive. You are Artyom, born in the last days before the fire. Metro Exodus takes place after the events of Metro Last Light. The year is now 2036 and Russia’s resurgence from nuclear oblivion is slow. In this open world, there’s life-threatening hazards around every turn and only the smartest make it out alive.

As you flee a dead Moscow to create a new life with your wife Anna and Spartan Rangers, you catch the “Aurora” – a steam train – east. Your adventure begins here. But the story is dynamic, and you’ll have to battle to make it through.

To survive, you must become one with your new travelling companions, get yourself some stonking weapons and learn to navigate the treacherous world. You must also adapt to survive against a changing weather system and brutal seasons. The beautiful and hostile world of Metro Exodus is relentless in its quest to chew and spit you out. Navigate winter, spring, summer and autumn, with each new season revealing new terrain and challenges.

Metro Exodus is out on both the PS4 and the Xbox One, and we’ll be comparing dozens of prices on this page to help you get the best possible deal!

In addition to the Metro Exodus game, the Aurora Edition comes with:

Digital download code for Metro 2033 Redux

Expansion Pass

Steelbook cover

‘The World of Metro’ Artbook

A newfound post-apocalypse in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is the third entry into 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic series, and the first one that sets players outside of the Russian metro tunnels and above ground. Don’t get too comfortable, though, as this new environment brings with it its own series of dangers. Fresh mutants, radicalised humans and environmental hazards are all here for Artoyym to battle, as the Aurora barrels its way in a multi-seasonal journey across continent.

A hostile, war-torn open world to fight through

As you journey across Russia and encounter sinister foes in the wastelands, the beautiful open world of Metro Exodus becomes your playground. The weapons are something else with extraordinary mechanical realism. You ready to take up arms? In a world that has been mutated to kill you, you’ll need your wits about you to survive.

Metro Exodus snowy area

Metro Exodus crafting table

Fully upgradeable makeshift weaponry

Unlock weapons as you progress and equip yourself with the Bulldog, Valve, Bastard Gun, Shambler shotty, Helsing, A-Shot, Kalash, Tikhar or Revolver. New weapons will be added to the game over time, bringing new opportunities for combat. Our favourite gun is the Shambler for close quarters combat. It’s a meat grinder with a butt. Prefer stealth? Try the Helsing, a crossbow that’ll make short work of your prey.

A wasteland populated by nightmare creatures

Metro Exodus sees a gauntlet of scary critters and mutant beings stand between you and what awaits at the end of the Aurora’s destination. There includes your fair share of human enemies to contend with, but also mutated bears, demons, dark ones, as well as misshapen former humans known as humanimals. All can prove a potential problem if not dealt with quickly, challenging you to go into each enemy scenario well-equipped and prepared to retreat if necessary.

Metro Exodus creatures

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