Compare Xbox Series X | S Controllers and Prices

Compare Xbox Series X | S Controllers and Prices

Take a look below at both official and 3rd party controllers for the Xbox Series X | S console. The new official controller from Microsoft features a modernised design with an all-new hybrid D-pad.

The official controllers retailer right now for £54.99, take a look below at both official and supported 3rd party controllers. Don't forget that you can use Xbox One controllers on the Xbox Series X | S console!

Looking for an Xbox Series X | S Controller? 

You're in the right place.  There is a huge range of controllers available to choose from, including official Microsoft branded hardware to 3rd party custom-built options.  We've grouped the various controller options below into various categories to help provide the full range of controllers available.

If you're interested in reading more about the Xbox Series X | S controller and its various features, make sure to check out the tech specs and FAQs section below.


Official Xbox Series X | S Controllers

If you're looking for a direct replacement then an official controller is the way to go.  These controllers are developed by Microsoft themselves and they are seriously impressive, to say the least.  Microsoft produces these in a range of colour options and they tend to hold their value (handy for selling them on if you ever change your mind).

Take a look below at the range of official controllers for the Xbox Series X | S console. 

3rd Party Xbox Series X | S Controllers

There is a huge range of 3rd party controllers available for the Xbox Series X | S from a wide range of brands including Nacon, PDP, Hori, Razer and PowerA.

The 3rd party controllers offer something a little bit different and often include additional buttons and triggers to improve gameplay. They tend to be a cheaper price point when compared to the official controllers meaning they're a solid option for frequent use.

Cheap Xbox Series S | X controller deals and prices

Microsoft is making things incredibly easy for existing Xbox players when it comes to controllers that will or will not work with the new Xbox Series S | X. Essentially, existing Xbox One gamepads are confirmed to be forwards compatible with the next-gen ‘Xbox Series’ line of consoles, meaning that you don’t actually need to purchase a new one. However, you will indeed get one out of the Xbox Series S | X box, and you can always pick up a spare.

The Xbox Series S | X controller shares much in common with its Xbox One predecessor, maintain the offset analogue sticks, an improved D-pad and a newly added ‘Share’ button. Said Xbox Series S | X controller are now available to order in a fair few editions, Microsoft have definitely been busy in providing a selection of colourways for you to enjoy. Above you’ll find all the gamepad variants at their lowest current price.

Three eye-grabbing colours at launch

Prospective players who pick up an Xbox Series X on launch day can expect to receive a carbon Black Xbox Series Controller to match their console’s aesthetic, while Xbox Series S purchasers will be gifted with an attractive Robot White variant. However, there are many other colourways to check out if you want to play with a friend such as the 20th Anniversary editions or the Forza Horzion 5 edition.

New adaptive triggers and integrated Share button

The new Xbox Series S | X controller touts some small additions that make a big difference. Chief amongst them is the inclusion of adaptive triggers that help keep you locked on target when playing FPS games. Then there’s the new Share button, which allows you to share your gaming experiences with the world with just a single press. Every meme-worthy moment will be safely stored.

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