PSVR Deals

PSVR Deals

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A PS4 VR bundle unlocks a new play dimension

PlayStation VR is still a relatively young gaming platform that works in tandem with your established PS4 set-up, opening up a new type of virtual reality gaming that puts you at the centre of your favourite games. PSVR is currently the only home console take on VR out there. And as such,  it is by far the most affordable, user-friendly and easy to get started with. The PS4 VR bundles below are an ideal jumping on point to experience all it has to offer and are regularly subject to generous sales and price discounts – confirmed to be forwards compatible with PS5.

Your PSVR will be fully compatible with PlayStation 5

Though initially developed to work seamlessly with PlayStation 4, Sony has already confirmed that all PSVR headsets will also be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5. We already know that Sony’s next console will arrive in the US and Europe sometime towards the end of 2020, so new PSVR purchasers can rest easy knowing that their investment now will be able to carry on to the next console generation.

New PlayStation VR highlights

While it might be hard to believe that PlayStation VR has now been on the market for almost three years, as the only home console VR headset it’s gone on to provide PS4 players worldwide with incredibly immersive experiences that places them at the very centre of the game. With that said, those three years has seen a slew of great exclusives hit the platform – and we thought we’d use this opportunity to rattle through the best of them:

Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth takes everything you love about Hollywood blockbusters and makes you the star at the centre of it. Focussing on Ryan Marks, an ex-army recruit force to return home as a rival crime syndicate threatens his family, it’s a legit first-person VR shooter that’s totally story-driven and takes its cues from Guy Ritchie movies. You’ll dual-wield weapons, hack into doors and smash through windows all in the effort to live your very own action set pieces first-hand.

Tetris Effect

The great thing about Tetris is that, just when you think you’ve done all you can do with the popular block-slotting puzzle format, a new interpretation comes along to provide a new spin. This version of Tetris totally immerses you with a myriad of cool environments and soundscapes that helps you enter that fabled state of ‘Tetris Effect’ where you fall into the flow of connecting lines in dream-like fashion. It’s playable simply on your TV screen, but really comes to life when played in PSVR.

Trover Saves the Universe

From the twisted minds of the folks who gave us Rick and Morty, Trover Saves the Universe retains a lot of the irreverent humour Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon is known for and then thrusts it into a colourful VR world. This third-person puzzle platformer features a glut of crass jokes that might not be to everyone’s tastes, but we challenge you to not belly laugh as you walk through this witty comedy adventure. It all starts when Trover’s dogs get kidnapped and gets out of hand quickly.

Everybody’s Golf VR

There aren’t too many VR sports games that can comfortably say that they’re just as good as its standard PS4 counterpart, but by staying true to the same arcade golf mechanics that make the main series great, Everybody’s Golf VR is a great wat to spend an afternoon. Unlike prior entries, this virtual reality spin plays out in first-person, letting you play 18 holes across three fresh courses that can be seen in full 360 degrees.

What are the different PSVR Bundles?

The PS4 VR headset is one of the most exciting developments to comes to consoles in quite some time. By picking up a PSVR bundle, no longer are you limited to just admiring your favourite video game worlds, characters and adventures from afar. With a PS4 VR headset equipped you’re now able to step into the game and experience it up close. A PSVR bundle is the best way to get everything you need to immediately get started. So, let’s look at all three currently available.

Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle

The PlayStation VR Mega Pack Bundle easily earns its boastful title, bursting at the seams with no less than five VR games – each one distinct in the kind of VR experience they offer. There are some most players might already be familiar with (like Skyrim VR and Wipeout Omega Collection), but even then, nothing can prepare you for the respective virtual reality twists they provide.

The other three games included are each wholly new games designed specifically for VR play. VR Worlds lets you test the waters with five fully-featured minigames, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a puzzle-platformer that requires full 360-degree head movement, and Doom VFR sees you fight through the depths of hell in glorious first-person shooter fashion.

In terms of hardware, The PlayStation VR Mega Pack Bundle comes with almost everything you need right out of the box. The two core components being the VR headset itself (obviously) and the updated PS4 camera, which is required for both hand and face tracking. The PSVR bundle unfortunately doesn’t include PS Move controllers, but the same goes for any bundle.

Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle (2019 update)

Building upon the immense success of the first PS VR Mega Pack released soon after launch, 2019 saw PlayStation update the bundle with a few newer games to further tempt new players to pick one up. The 2019 Mega Pack update does away with DOOM VFR and WipeOut: The Omega Collection, replacing those two games with Resident Evil 7 and Everybody’s Golf VR. Other great VR games like PSVR Worlds, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission are still included.

So why swap out the games? Simply because that PSVR has continues to come a long way since when it was first introduced, releasing better and more polished experiences that are more representative of what Sony’s platform has to offer. Resident Evil 7, for instance, is not just a brief VR demo, but a full-scale single-player game and the premier horror experience in VR. Everybody’s Golf VR is an easy sports game to pick up and play.

The 2019 version of the PlayStation VR Mega Pack comes with all the 5 games outlined above, the PlayStation VR headset and a PS4 camera. In essence, everything you need to get started right out of the box. PlayStation Move wands can enhance certain games – including Resident Evil 7 and Everybody’s Golf VR – but they are not essential and can be purchased separately. The 2019 PSVR Mega Pack bundle is a great way to get started in this new immersive platform.

PS VR Standard Headset Pack

PlayStation VR’s pièce de résistance, you’d have a very tough time enjoying virtual reality without having the primary method of experiencing it: The PlayStation VR Headset. It’s actually a sleek bit of technology considering its affordability, boasting a resolution of 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye. Such crisp visuals make exploring dungeons in Skyrim VR or captaining your own starship in Star Trek: Bridge Crew all the more immersive, always remaining fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit as you play.

This edition isn’t so much a PSVR Bundle as it is an entry point to get started. It still comes included with that all-important PS4 Camera needed for tracking, but you’ll need to purchase specific games developed for VR to enjoy the experience to its full potential. That said, any PS4 game can be played in PSVR’s cinematic mode, which gives the impression you’re playing on a cinema screen.

Playstation VR Bundle: VR Worlds

The PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle comes with everything included in the first Mega Pack edition discussed above, albeit with one game instead of five. However, VR Worlds is arguably the best one to stay included, featuring five separate minigames that all work well to demonstrate what VR on PS4 is capable of. Again, the VR headset and redesigned PS4 camera are included as standard.

The great thing about the PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle is that it’s constantly pitched at a much cheaper price point than the Mega Pack, but still features an eclectic mix of minigames that shows the best of what the platform is capable of. The London Heist, Into The Deep, VR Luge, Danger Ball and Scavenger’s Odyssey all offer something different, and seek to immerse you fully in different ways.

What's included in the box of each bundle?

Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle PSVR Headset, PS4 Camera, Five Games (digital download): VR Worlds (minigame collection), Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Skyrim VR, Doom VFR and Wipeout Omega Collection.
PlayStation VR Bundle: VR Worlds PSVR Headset, PS4 Camera, VR Worlds (digital download): The London Heist, Danger Ball, Ocean Descent, VR Luge, Scavengers Odyssey.
PS VR Standard Headset Pack PSVR Headset, PS4 Camera.

Games mentioned across bundles

PS VR Worlds

A collection of five fully-featured minigames that showcase the possibilities in PSVR. The London Heist, Danger Ball, VR Luge, Scavengers Odyssey and Ocean Descent.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

A 3D puzzle-platformer in which you must help a brave little robot save his pals from various galactic dangers. One of the few VR games that plays great with a standard Dualshock 4.

Skyrim VR

The fantastical open-world epic returns in VR, letting players get up close and personal during their quest to save the land of Tamriel from a world-eating dragon. A new way to experience this legendary title

Doom VFR

Bethesda’s 2016 Doom reboot gets a VR spin that sees players fight through the inner pits of hell in a bid to survive, fight demons, and wreak havoc. Not one for the faint of heart!

Wipeout Omega Collection

PlayStation’s classic futuristic racer puts you in the cockpit like never before, letting those brave enough to try experience frantic speeds and high-thrill tracks.

Learn more about Playstation VR

Playstation VR, with its unique design, allows you to experience games like never before. Cutting edge technology and superior surround sound combine in Playstation VR, delivering unimagined immersion. PS VR doesn’t just offer a new way of playing the game, it allows you to live it.

Got a PS4? You’re practically set!

The PS VR was designed with plug and play in mind. No complicated hardware upgrades; all you need to do is connect your PS4 to your Playstation Camera and new Playstation VR headset, then you’re ready to jump straight in.

You’ll need a Playstation Camera for motion tracking.

Superior comfort and style

With a black, curved visor and LED positional trackers, the Playstation VR stands apart from its rivals. The PS VR offers exceptional comfort. Weight distribution has been shifted to the top of the headset and a quick-release button means its effortless to slip on and off.

Creation before your eyes

The PS VR’s impressive 5.7 inch OLED screen means there’s no motion blur as hyper-real 3d environments are created before your very eyes. Additionally, a virtual theatre mode will allow you to experience Playstation on a virtual screen, freeing up other screens around the home.

Huge range of titles

Aside from launching with 50 titles available, Sony is working with over 230 developers to bring a huge library of titles to Playstation VR.

PlayStation VR Extra Accessories

Your experience using PlayStation VR will likely be enhanced tenfold through the use of some near-essential PSVR accessories. PS move and the PS Aim controller both succeed in letting your actions carry more weight whenever you next step into the game world, particularly in those that involve shooting, swinging and most other types of hand motion. Here’s how they work.

PlayStation Move controllers

While there are many PlayStation VR games that work and play perfectly fine without use of the PlayStation Move controllers, you’d really be missing out on full immersion without them. Having two of these little bubble wand beauties allows for one-to-one hand tracking, letting you grip, punch, and throw objects to your heart’s content. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality lets you create your own scientific concoction, while firing an uzi from a speeding van in PlayStation VR Worlds makes you feel like an action star. The PlayStation Move controllers can purchased as a single or twin pack, but we’d highly recommend the latter to unlock their full immersive potential.

PlayStation VR Aim Controller

For first person shooter fans there’s rarely anything more satisfying than looking down the sights of your gun, lining up a perfect shot, before taking down that enemy as precisely and accurately as possible. Sony’s PlayStation Aim Controller is what makes this possible in PlayStation VR. Far from the usual hunk of cheap plastic you’d expect to find in previous console generations, the PlayStation Aim Controller is a quality peripheral that feels satisfying to use and hold in the hands. Compatible games include squad-based shooter Bravo Team, Sci-Fi adventure Farpoint, and badass simulator Doom VFR. Once set up, there’s no better way to experience shooters in PlayStation VR.

PSVR Headset

Playstation VR Technical Specifications

Product name: PlayStation®VR
Product code: CUH-ZVR1 series
Release month: Oct-16
External dimensions: VR headset: Approx. 187×185×277 mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projection, headband at the shortest), Processor unit: Approx. 143×36×143 mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projection)
Mass: VR headset: Approx. 610g (excluding cable), Processor unit: Approx. 365g
Display method: OLED
Panel size: 5.7 inches
Panel resolution: 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080 per eye)
Refresh rate: 120Hz, 90Hz
Field of view: Approximately 100 degrees
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope
Connection interface: HDMI, USB
Processor Unit function: 3D audio processing, Social Screen (mirroring mode, separate mode), Cinematic mode

Choosing a Playstation VR Deal

The Playstation VR headset is the perfect choice for console gamers looking to include virtual reality in their library. While it has a lower hardware specification compared to it’s rivals, the power of Sony and the backing of a huge network of game developers will see it easily break out on its own. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing between Playstation VR deals.

Playstation Camera motion sensing

The PS VR uses the Playstation Camera for motion tracking, which even tracks the back of your head so you can look around without affecting the sensors. Some Playstation VR deals include the camera as part of the bundle but if you buy a headset on its own, it’s worth considering this extra expense.

Dualshock 4 or Playstation Move?

Playstation VR is reviving the Playstation Move. Dualshock 4 will be the primary controller method for most, but if physicality is important to your VR experience, then it’s worth considering a Playstation VR deal that includes the Move wands.

PS4 Pro support

With VR being quite memory intensive, to get the best possible experience you’re going to want to have the best possible hardware to play with. The PS4 Pro offers improved internals when compared to the standard Slim model, and can cope better with the demands of VR.

Playstation VR Games

Playstation VR is already launching with an exciting range of games, and more are announced everyday. As more games get announced, more Playstation VR bundles will be released, offering even better deals.

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