PS4 PlayStation Camera Deals

PS4 PlayStation Camera Deals

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PS4 PlayStation Camera

PS4 PlayStation Camera

PS4 PlayStation Camera

PS4 PlayStation Camera

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Share your epic gaming moments with the PS4 PlayStation Camera

The PS4 camera is an optional extra perfectly primed to enhance the player experience in a few subtle, but worthwhile ways. It easily connects to your PlayStation 4 via a proprietary connection port in the back, ready to be placed either below or above your home console setup. From here it’s a cinch to start live-streaming yourself alongside gameplay, operating the PS4 dashboard via voice commands, alongside other cool quality-of-life features.

The Twitch platform is already embedded into the PlayStation 4’s UI, allowing players to start streaming almost instantly with just a click of the Share button on the Dualshock 4. The PlayStation 4 camera will also kick into gear here too if you set the option, combining with unique camera filters that let you personalise your game stream.

A must for PlayStation VR games

For those interested in PlayStation VR, it’s worth noting that the PS4 camera is an essential purchase if you’re to enjoy any game released for this platform. That’s because the camera is used to track the head and hand movements crucial for upping the immersion in games like Blood & Truth, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and more. The PlayStation VR Starter Pack comes with a PS4 camera included, but all other SKUs will require you to purchase one separately.

Best PS4 Model For VR

PS4 camera

Facial recognition and voice commands

Outside of VR compatibility and streaming use, the PS4 camera makes it much more convenient to interact with your PS4 thanks to a few handy features. Chief amongst these is the ability for it to identify your specific face, letting you log into your console without the need to touch the controller after initially turning it on. Then there’s the voice recognition capabilities, which will let you navigate around the dashboard as soon as you say “PlayStation”.

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