PS4 Headset Deals

PS4 Headset Deals

Compare over 141 PS4 Headset deals from 9 gaming retailers, with prices starting from just £7.99 to £229.00. Our easy filtering system allows you to find the perfect PS4 Headset deal.

Compare 141 Prices £7.99 to £229.00

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What can a PS4 headset offer you?

Whether you mainly play narrative-driven single-player experiences like Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War or prefer to chase online thrills in competitive shooters like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, you’re really missing out if not using a PS4 headset. This is because the surrounding audio in a game can unlock previously unknown layers to whatever world you find yourself in, bringing to light sound cues that your average TV speakers aren’t able to make you aware of.

Comfort is also a crucial factor to consider, especially if you plan on being immersed for an extended length of time. The good news is that most support a standard 3.5mm jack input and will plug directly into your Dualshock 4. Wireless PS4 headsets are also available for anyone wanting to go untethered – just be sure to keep it charged!

We at Gaming Deals compare a great deal of PS4 gaming headsets from a range of the most popular brands, updating prices across retailers daily to help you find a bargain. So, whether you’re looking for a high-end eSports solution suitable for Fortnite or something a bit more entry-level, keep it locked to the price comparison above.

Official PS4 Headsets

While PS4 consoles only come with the most basic of earbuds out of the box, PlayStation itself have designed and manufacture a couple of official PS4 headsets to help gamers get by. Each model takes its name from PS4’s infamous trophy achievements, with the most popular official PS4 headsets being dubbed Gold or Platinum. Both deliver crystal clear audio, stunning 7.1 surround sound and full wireless functionality.

Turtle Beach PS4 Headsets

As one of the most recognisable brands for gaming out there, Turtle Beach have designed a swathe of great PS4 headsets that help bring you closer to the exclusives released on Sony’s platform. What’s more, they manufacture everything from all-rounder designs that sit at the affordable end of the price spectrum, while certain Turtle beach headsets can go upwards of £200 for those that are serious about playing competitively and need to hear every footstep.

GAMEware PS4 Headsets

Designed and developed by the UK’s biggest brick-and-mortal games retailer, GAMEware is a third-party accessories range that won’t break the bank. Because of this, GAMEware PS4 headsets tend to be fairly basic, opting for stereo sound as opposed to full 7.1 surround or true 3D audio. Still they work perfectly well for letting you hear friends clearly and can be extremely comfortable to wear for extended play sessions.

The lowest prices on PS4 gaming headsets

Our price listings work across the UK’s most popular web retailers, pulled in and compared against one another to find you the best PS4 gaming headset deal. That’s why it’s always worth checking back regularly to stay up to date and receive the most comprehensive price currently available. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Over-ear gaming headsets with one or two earcups

Over-ear PS4 headsets are the unrequited best for those wanting to surround themselves in a game’s audio. You’ll notice than some, however, only come with one cushioned earcup on the right-side, which is done primarily for multiplayer gamers to listen to chat in one ear and the game audio in the other. A traditional headset with two earcups, though, should be comfy and immersive.

Other essentials to enhance the online experience

For some people, using a PS4 headset to listen in on the soundscapes, soundtracks and sound effects offered up by video games is half the battle. For others, a headset is an essential component to what makes up the competitive multiplayer online experience, and the same can be said for a PS Plus subscription. You won’t be able to jump into PS4 online without it, so be sure to pick one up in addition to your PS4 headset.

A wired or wireless PS4 gaming headset?

The Dualshock 4 is one of the most comfortable and reliable wireless controllers ever made for a console, so it makes sense that there should be a slew of PS4 headsets that have also followed suit. A wireless PS4 headset will work via Bluetooth, effortlessly connecting to your PS4 likely via an external dongle. As always, however, wired PS4 headsets can easily be plugged into the Dualshock 4’s 3.5 mm jack that sits at the bottom of the controller.

Games that would benefit from a PS4 Headset

God of War

This 2018 reboot of Sony Santa Monica’s classic series is full of stunning sights to see, but also a sweeping orchestral soundtrack.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is the type of horror game where audio can save your skin. Zombie groans and door creaks are all around, so be sure to keep listening.

No Man's Sky

Getting lost in this procedurally generated space exploration game is all too easy when combined with a PS4 headset. Who knows what awaits?

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive horror movie of sorts that centres on five teenagers in an abandoned cabin. Become absorbed in the action and dialogue with a headset.

Ratchet & Clank

Described by players as a Pixar film come to life, Ratchet & Clank have never looked better than in this 2016 reboot. And as such, it’s never sounded better either.

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