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Saints Row is back and more chaotic than ever on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

On August 23rd 2022, the Saints arrive in the fresh locale of Santo Ileso. Inspired by the American Southwest, Saints Row allows you to turn a beautiful sprawling wilderness into your own personal playground. 

Whether solo or with a friend, you’ll lead an enterprise of rookie criminals as they try to take over the city by any means necessary. No matter what illicit deeds you commit, nothing will stop you from becoming the most powerful gang in the world.

With more guns, costumes and vehicles than ever before, this has everything you’ve come to expect from a Saints Row game. Just this time it’s bigger and better than ever.

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Enjoy unparalleled customisation with incredible character creation tools

With the ability to morph your character’s size, shape, and body to your heart’s content, you can look however you feel in Saints Row. Just like in its approach to gameplay, you have complete freedom at your fingertips. Make your hair, clothes or skin whatever colour (or mix of colours) you desire. You can even layer and dye your clothes to truly create the style of your dreams. Will you create your perfect persona, or a chaotic counterpart? Only you can decide.

Your business, your style, your way

Not only does your criminal HQ boast incredible customisation options, but for the first time ever in Saints Row, you choose how to expand your empire. You decide where your buildings go and what they look like. Whether you want to make smart logistical decisions, or just be obnoxious as possible, nobody will be able to stop you.

Play untethered co-op and rule Santo Ileso with a friend, even if they’re on a different generation

Saints Row has a fully cooperative 2 player campaign with unrestricted access to the whole map. It doesn’t matter if you cause mayhem together, or separated by any of the 9 districts, 
you’ll be able to see your ally’s destruction from miles away. Saints Row also has cross-generation play, so even if you’re on the newest gear, you can still play with a friend who isn’t. 

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