Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Deals

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Deals

Compare 26 deals on Nintendo Switch Pro Controller from 18 UK retailers, with prices ranging from £49.99 to £84.36.

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Play like a professional on Nintendo Switch

While one of the great many benefits of the Nintendo Switch is that it comes with two controllers right out of the box, using the Joy-Con while in docked mode can prove a little irksome. Enter the officially licensed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. With this in hand does it become much easier to play Nintendo Switch games on your TV, resembling a more classic game controller design – the kind of which you’d expect to see on other console platforms.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller retails for around £59.99, but using the incredibly advanced comparison filters here at Gaming Deals you can usually find it much cheaper. It’s worth it considering the greater level of control it provides, largely due to the incredibly robust analogue sticks and a true D-pad; something the Switch’s left Joy-Con controller lacks. The Pro Controller is also wireless, still delivering the ultimate Switch play convenience.

A Switch controller for big screen gaming

Of course, most people will be attracted to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for its suitability to the big screen when the Switch is docked. However, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up the main Nintendo Switch unit in handheld or tabletop mode, propping it up then connecting the pro controller so you get a true gaming experience wherever you are. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a must for those who play on the TV or professionally via eSports.

Same great Joy-Con features, added comfort

Those worried you’d lose some of the great Joy-Con features by making the switch to Pro controller can rest easy. That’s because the Nintendo Switch Pro controller still includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality and more special features. The one major difference is the added texture grip, traditional gamepad shape and true dedicated D-pad.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller specs

Input Analog sticks, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, D-pad
Connectivity Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, USB-C
Power 1300 mAh, USB-C connector (recharge)
Functionality Nintendo Switch, Amiibo figures
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