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This may technically be the eighth entry in the God of War series, but 2018’s God of War is a reimagining of the series that revolutionises some aspects while retaining much of what made the series so popular. As Kratos, a demigod in possession of superhuman strength and terrible rage, you must traverse icy tundras and unforgiving terrain with your son, who you are tasked with protecting.

Unlike previous God of War games, this latest version puts a much greater emphasis on the story of Kratos, developing him as a more nuanced character and exploring the moral ambiguities and conflicts found within him. However, that isn’t to say that the bloody, brutal action associated with the series is in any way diminished. Kratos’ classic chain weapon has been replaced with a battle axe that can be wielded in a range of ways, including thrown like a boomerang. To emphasise the incredible fighting dynamics, a single, unbroken camera angle is maintained throughout the entire game.

God of War also represents a radical departure for the series in terms of setting. Having previously existed within the universe of Greek mythology, 2018’s God of War instead takes its cues from Norse legend, bringing with it a new style that helps to keep things fresh and interesting.

God of War has already been hailed as a landmark for both the series and this generation of consoles. This is one you simply won’t want to miss – and on this page, you’ll find all the best deals and prices!

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