PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - Cosmic Red Deals

PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - Cosmic Red Deals

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Get the best price on the PS5’s new Cosmic Red DualSense controller

When the PlayStation 5 launched back in November of 2020, there was only one controller colour available: White. That’s fine for players seeking a futuristic, almost clean look when playing their favourite next-gen games, but what about those wanting to make a bit more of a fashion statement? Sony has realised the error of its ways in the form of the new Cosmic Red DualSense controller.

Being a new two-tone design that combines the DualSense’s naturally black underside and analogue stocks, the rest of the controller is coated in a beautiful deep crimson shade. Inspired heavily by the red found “throughout the cosmos” according to PlayStation’s design team, the Cosmic Red DualSense is the first of many galaxy-themed colourways set to release soon as part of the ongoing PlayStation 5 accessory line.

Same great features, an even bolder colour

As well as coming coated in an attractive red tone, the Cosmic Red DualSense controller is still well-equipped to enhance your next-gen play experience. It primarily does this through the inclusion of built-in haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support, both of which are used to enhance your feeling of immersion in most PS5 games. Especially when playing a game set in space, it’s hard to appreciate the Cosmic Red DualSense.

The first vibrant DualSense colourway for PlayStation 5

Cosmic Red is now one of three available DualSense colours on the market, joining the existing White and releasing alongside the pared-back Midnight Black for players who crave the simple things. The PlayStation 5 itself may still only be available in White, but at least there’s a new way to express yourself through the controller.

Dualsense Red

Cosmic Red Dualsense Controller Specs

Dimensions 160mm x 66mm x 106mm
Weight 280 grams
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1 and USB
Ports USB type C, headphone port and input for charging ports
Price 64.99
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