Rumour: Microsoft bringing Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch?

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We’ve been hearing for a while now that Microsoft is very keen to bring its trademark subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, to devices outside of the standard Xbox eco-system. Well the latest rumbles suggest that the Xbox conglomerate has been prepping a relevant app specifically for the Nintendo Switch, which given the success of the console/handheld hybrid makes a lot of sense.

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This recent rumour in question originally surfaced after YouTube Channel Direct-Feed Games revealed that a slew of his inside sources confirmed the existence of the said Game Pass app coming to Nintendo Switch. This wouldn’t be the first time both Microsoft and Nintendo have proven to be particularly sweet with one another, having also had great success in the pass merging Minecraft servers as part of that game’s ‘Better Together’ update.

An Xbox Game Pass app for the Nintendo Switch would also certainly put the pressure on this generation’s leading console in terms of sales, the PlayStation 4, which seems unlikely that they’d let Game Pass make its way onto PS4. We know Microsoft has been investing heavily in streaming technology evidenced by its Project XCloud Mobile Streaming Service announcement back in October of last year, and this is likely the company’s the latest attempt to double down on this tech.

For those who don’t know how Xbox Game Pass works, you can find our complete guide relating to it here, but the basic lowdown is that it’s a Netflix-esque subscription service that gives players access to over 100 games. It currently works on Xbox One by letting you download games natively to the console before playing, given its limited hardware capabilities the Nintendo Switch obviously won’t be able to do that, leaving us to wonder: has Microsoft cracked Xbox Game Pass streaming?

If so, it could be a very exciting time for Nintendo Switch users. Not only will they have access to excellent first-party Nintendo titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Arms, but also Xbox exclusive games like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza. Xbox Game Pass is currently £7.99/month here in the UK and there’s no word yet if it’ll be the same on Switch.

As soon as we hear more surrounding these rumours, in addition to when Microsoft get around to making an official announcement, you can be sure we’ll cover it here. That said, will you be picking up the Xbox Game Pass app on Nintendo Switch when it arrives?

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