Black Friday - 25th November 2022

Black Friday 2022 arrives on 25th November to present players with some of the biggest gaming deals of the year. Get huge discounts on consoles, big deals on games and fantastic value accessories. Gaming Deals is the only place to compare all UK gaming Black Friday deals in one place - and we'll be ready when the day arrives.

Black Friday 2022 Game Deals

Find prices from all the UK's major gaming retailers on the biggest games for PS5, Xbox Series S | X, Nintendo Switch and more on November 25th!

Humble QuakeCon Sale: Save big on Bethesda titles like Deathloop, Doom, Fallout & more

Humble QuakeCon Sale: Save big on Bethesda titles like Deathloop, Doom, Fallout & more

QuakeCon; the yearly convention celebrating Bethesda games, gets underway on August 18th. In order to celebrate this, Humble have reduced the price of bunch of Bethesda games on their store.

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Humble Bundle QuakeCon Bethesda Sale - All Deals

Xbox Series X + Far Cry 6 Limited Edition - get a powerful console and a bombastic game for £468.76

1 hour ago
Xbox Series X + Far Cry 6 Limited Edition - get a powerful console and a bombastic game for £468.76

This great deal comes to £468.76 and includes the Xbox Series X as well as Ubisoft's Far Cry 6.

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Xbox Series X Far Cry 6 bundle - £468.76

The PS4 version of Dark Souls Remastered falls to just £11.85

The PS4 version of Dark Souls Remastered falls to just £11.85

Out of all the new genres to come out of the last 10 years, the hard-as-nails take on action-adventure known as Dark Souls has been one of the most influential. However, if you're yet to dive into the infamous From Software series at all yet, have we found a good deal for you today...

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Dark Souls Remastered (PS4) £11.85 -

Great deal! Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS4 is down to £17.39

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Great deal! Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS4 is down to £17.39

Limit break this deal and get the beautiful Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS4 for only £17.39 at Amazon. 

Grab your oversized swords and save some money when you pick up PS4's Final Fantasy VII Remake today.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake £17.35 at Amazon
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New eBay voucher - save 15% off hundreds of items with code BANK15

1 day ago
New eBay voucher - save 15% off hundreds of items with code BANK15

From now until 19th August, save 15% on a wide variety of items thanks to new code BANK15.

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eBay BANK15 sale page
eBay BANK15 consoles and video games landing page
Resident Evil Village (PS5) is down to £19.99
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1 day ago

Resident Evil Village (PS5) is down to £19.99

Possibly the best Resident Evil game is down to £19.99 on PS5 thanks to Amazon.

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Resident Evil: Village (PS5) - £19.99 from Amazon
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Xbox Series X Price Drop - now £429 from Amazon

1 day ago
Xbox Series X Price Drop - now £429 from Amazon

Now down to £429, you can save a couple of pennies on your newest console.

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Xbox Series X - £429.00 from Amazon
Compare all Xbox Series X deals at

from £7.07

99 available deals

from £36.54

78 available deals

from £24.95

48 available deals

from £32.99

40 available deals

from £34.99

35 available deals

from £28.95

23 available deals

from £34.99

18 available deals

from £34.99

17 available deals

from £33.99

16 available deals

from £39.85

14 available deals

Black Friday 2022 FAQ

When is Black Friday this year?

Black Friday 2022 falls on November 25th this year - get it in your calendar!

How long does the Black Friday event last?

We typically see Black Friday now happen in several phases. We expect to see some solid deals throughout November leading up to the event. Then, beginning a week before Black Friday itself (November 18th), some retailers will start putting some very strong deals out there. The actual Black Friday deals themselves tend to launch from around 6PM on the Thursday (25th November), while some retailers won't launch until Friday morning. If you're after a big bargain, that's the time to start really checking!

Is Black Friday worth bothering about for gaming products?

Although the Black Friday sales can sometimes gain a reputation for being a little underwhelming in many sectors, gaming has, over the years not been one of these - as year after year retailers seem prepared to slash prices on consoles, games & accessories. This should continue for Black Friday 2022, so make sure to keep checking the Gaming Deals website for the best deals throughout the Black Friday period.

Where will the big deals be on Black Friday 2022?

With many retailers participating in the Black Friday sales each year, and many of those trying to 'out-do' one another - the best deals are sometimes hard to spot. However, we will be keeping track of all the best offers for Black Friday 2022 from our partner retailers to ensure that you get the best deals. Make sure to keep checking the Gaming deals website throughout the Black Friday period.

Will the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S be discounted?

Unfortunately, last year due to the unprecedented levels of demand for both the new next-gen consoles, we did not see any noteworthy discounts on the PS5 or Xbox Series X. While the availability for the PS5 is still very hit and miss, we do expect that we should at least see some more stock towards the end of the year - heading into the holiday season. However, the Xbox Series X stock has now begun to stabilise somewhat so we're hoping to see potentially some discounts on this console on Black Friday 2022. Furthermore, you might be able to pick up one of the new consoles as part of an enticing bundle, at a discount compared to buying it separately.

Will big new games be discounted?

There's some been some huge titles that have released in 2022, including Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and others. While these will hold their price better than older games, expect to see some strong discounts on a few of these around Black Friday. The same goes for Nintendo's first-party games for the Nintendo Switch OLED, which are notorious for holding their price for years.

Black Friday 2022 – video game retailers to keep an eye on:

A number of recognisable UK retailers will be diving into Black Friday 2022 headfirst, hoping to entice video game players everywhere into opening their wallets with various deals and offers. The likes of Argos, Currys and of course Amazon are set to compete with each other, so we thought we’d include a breakdown of how each retailer tends to operate during the year’s biggest online sales event.

GAME: The UK’s biggest video game retailer always tends to go big for Black Friday. 2022 looks to be no different, with plenty of different PlayStation, Switch and Xbox bundles sure to offer people great value. Individual games tend to drop in price quite a bit at GAME, too. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

Argos: Argos offers the ultimate in convenience thanks to its trademark ‘Click & Collect’ service. This is sure to come in handy during Black Friday 2022, as anything reserved online can be picked up in store either that day or soon after. Bundles tend to be competitive, but games always get significant price slashes at Argos.

Currys: Black Friday at Currys was exclusively held online back in 2020, but last year that changed and we'd expect the same for 2022. Consumers will be able to venture to stores, though you’re likely to see the biggest price drops on TVs, games and console bundles online. Currys always has a decent Black Friday newsletter worth signing up to.

Amazon: Nobody does Black Friday quite like Amazon. Part of this is because almost anything you buy can be delivered the very next day, and the site does an excellent job at breaking down deals by category. Simply click ‘video game deals’ when the time comes and you’ll easily find longstanding and lightning offers. Definitely a retailer to watch Black Friday 2022.

Tesco: Primarily a brick-and-mortar outfit, Tesco always has a major presence in the UK come Black Friday. It’s speciality as of late has been its excellent console bundles, which could see players save big on a PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. Expect the same to be true again during Black Friday 2022.

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