Black Friday 2024 Nintendo Switch Deals: All the best offers on games, accessories and more

Black Friday 2024 Nintendo Switch Deals: All the best offers on games, accessories and more

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Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will arrive very soon:  

If you're seeking the best deals and offers solely on all things Nintendo Switch, then you've come to the right place. When November 29th, 2024 rolls around below you'll find our regularly update list of Nintendo Switch Black Friday offers broken down by category: Games, Console Bundles and Accessories. No retailer will be off limits here - so rest assured you'll find the very best Nintendo Switch deals from around the web. Until then, the best current Nintendo Switch deals will populate this page:

What to expect for Nintendo Switch deals Black Friday 2024

The Nintendo Switch is now 7 years old and thus is approaching the end of its life cycle, we'd expect Nintendo to be pretty far along with the Switch successor now. As a result of its age though the Nintendo Switch has an incredible back catalogue of games, many of which are first-party and exclusive to the platform. Furthermore, we've seen incredible games from Nintendo like Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Mario Bros. Wonder released just last year. This means that although the console may be old Black Friday 2024 is still a great time to pick the console up.

When it comes to what deals to expect there's gonna be solid discounts across everything Nintendo, including the console itself, games and accessories. Last year we saw My Nintendo Store list a new official Nintendo Switch OLED bundle that contained a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online for just £309.99, and we'd expect this to potentially return for Black Friday 2024. The standard Nintendo Switch model also dropped as low as £229.00 at ASDA and Amazon last year. We'd expect even better deals in 2024 as Switch approaches the end of it's life cycle.

Games should also see some solid discounts but Nintendo first-party titles to notoriously hold their value well so don't expect new releases like Tears of the Kingdom to drop much below the £35-40 mark. However, older titles are more likely to have a nice chunk off their RRP.

Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday 2023 Deals

Nintendo Switch Standard Black Friday 2024 Deals

Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday 2024 Deals

Nintendo Switch Games Black Friday 2024 Deals

from £15.99

26 available deals

from £19.99

16 available deals

from £24.99

20 available deals

from £31.99

17 available deals

from £33.95

20 available deals

from £34.95

19 available deals

from £36.99

28 available deals

from £37.95

22 available deals

from £37.99

15 available deals

from £44.00

24 available deals

Nintendo Switch Accessories Black Friday 2024 Deals

You can view the full list of Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals on our Nintendo Switch Page.

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