Black Friday 2024 PS4, PS5 Deals: Full Guide including Consoles, Games and Accessories!

Black Friday 2024 PS4, PS5 Deals: Full Guide including Consoles, Games and Accessories!

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Preparation for Black Friday 2024 PS4 and PS5 deals

Black Friday 2024 promises to be a big year for any player finally looking to pick up a PlayStation 5. PS5 will have been out 4 years this November so we're expecting a lot of PS5 related deals compared to last Black Friday. This is for a plethora of reasons such as the PS5 Slim now being a year old and PS5 Pro potentially being on the horizon. We've already seen solid discounts early in 2024 with the PS5 Slim Disc console being available for £409.00 and we'd expect Black Friday to have this price beat.

November 29th, 2024 is the date to keep noted for these potential discounts although Black Friday deals do tend to come early, which is what happened in 2023. Whether there’s an exclusive game you’ve been waiting to dip in price or you finally want to pick up a PSVR2 headset and immerse yourself in a new world, plenty of PS4 - and indeed PS5 - deals will be running rampant during Black Friday 2024 this year. PS4 consoles may however not be included as the console now has had so many years of production it's very difficult to find outside of refurbished units. More and more games are becoming exclusive to the PS5 platform and as a result, we advise saving your money for a PS5. If you're put off by purchasing a PS5 in one lump we have a PS5 finance guide that shows you how to pick up a PS5 with a pay monthly deal at 0% interest, most of these methods will be applicable with discounts over Black Friday 2024.

Almost every major UK retailer will be featuring attractive PS4 and PS5 deals from Black Friday onwards, with some even going ahead of time. In this guide, we’ll be covering the best practices you can take to secure yourself a bargain buy on anything relating to either of Sony's console platforms, as well as featuring any early PlayStation deals for those who simply can’t wait until Black Friday 2024 rolls around properly. We're expecting solid discounts on the PS5 Slim console based on what we saw last year which is very exciting for those of you who are yet to pull the trigger on a PS5 or are looking to gift one for Christmas! On top of consoles, we'd expect plenty of great discounts on DualSense controllers, games and more.

This is the guide you’ll want to be on when Black Friday 2024 arrives later this year.

PS5 Console Close Up

What Black Friday 2024 PS4 and PS5 Deals should you expect?

If you're after a PS4 console you're probably going to be disappointed to know that the console itself is not really going to see any stock over Black Friday as a result of it simply no longer being manufactured. You may find some deals on Refurbished PS4s but new consoles are a rarity these days. This is true for the PS4 Slim, Pro and standard models. 

This should be the second year since the PS5 was released that we're going to see some significant discounts on Sony's latest flagship console. As mentioned previously the PS5 Slim is has already heavy discounts this year and we'd expect the same over Black Friday and the holiday period. With the PS5 Slim already receiving significant discounts for periods of this year such as back in March we're expecting the Slim model to be close to the £400 mark which is around £80 less than its RRP.  You can find that on our PS5 deals page and in the product grids below. If you've waited to purchase a PS5 console you will be rewarded this Black Friday with the PS5 console deals. We'd expect retailers vying for attention with great deals on both bundles and the Solus console. 

Of course, PS5 and PS4 deals will also stretch to the games themselves. Sony's platform is home to some exceptional hits like God of War RagnarokHorizon: Forbidden West and most recently Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (PS5 Exclusive), all of which simply can’t be played anywhere else. Many of Sony's older exclusives are already deeply discounted after joining what’s called the ‘PlayStation Hits’ line-up but also expect to see a swathe of offers on a large section of the PS4’s library. PS5 game discounts should also be far more abundant this year compared to last with more titles having been on shelves longer and retailers looking to move on stock. 2024 has been a bit quieter for releases than the monster year 2023 was but those 2023 titles should be seeing some fantastic sales in Black Friday this year.

We'd also expect some solid discounts on the DualSense controller, the PS5 controller comes in many different colour-ways now and we'd expect the older ones to hit around the £35 mark, which is a solid saving from their £65 RRP. We also have Sony's premium DualSense Edge Controller which is a really expensive and premium product made for hardcore gamers, this one also could see a bit of a discount to entice more adapters.

The massive spanner that could be in the works relates to PlayStation VR2. This new hardware was released last year and its RRP of £529.99 is far too steep for some. While expensive, the PSVR2 sports some seriously impressive tech and is a fantastic package. We would expect a few deals on PSVR2 but nothing compared to what we are expecting for the PS5 itself.

Black Friday PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 deals are almost here:

If you're seeking the best deals and offers solely on everything PlayStation-related, then you've come to the right place. When Black Friday 2024 arrives this November 29th, below you'll find our regularly update list of PS4 and PS5 Black Friday offers broken down by category: Games, Console Bundles and Accessories. No retailer is off limits here - so rest assured you'll find the very best PS4 and PS5 deals from all online UK retailers around the web.

PS4 and PS5 consoles: Black Friday 2024 deals

from £375.00

1 deal available

from £389.00

27 available deals

from £389.99

1 deal available

from £447.45

125 available deals

from £499.99

1 deal available

from £529.99

1 deal available

from £539.99

1 deal available

from £679.00

1 deal available

PS4 and PS5 games: Black Friday 2024 deals

from £11.16

121 available deals

from £16.75

98 available deals

from £20.62

96 available deals

from £25.88

80 available deals

from £30.00

79 available deals

from £25.99

53 available deals

from £28.85

51 available deals

from £34.19

42 available deals

from £50.95

21 available deals

from £29.95

20 available deals

PS4 and PS5 accessories: Black Friday 2024 deals

Which UK retailers will have the best Black Friday 2024 PS4 and PS5 Deals?

Back in 2020 the Black Friday event mostly took place online because of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions that saw the UK lockdown throughout November, but Black Friday 2024 should resemble something more familiar and embrace a hybrid model. The good news is that major UK retailers have already made online its primary focus for many years now. Currys, Amazon UK, Argos and GAME will each have their offers, hoping to entice online consumers by enticing one another.

We at Gaming Deals will be keeping on top of all the retailers’ best PS4 and PS5 deals right here, utilising our bespoke price comparison software to promote the best offers quickly and promptly at their lowest price. The best thing you can do to prepare for Black Friday 2024 is to have a good idea of the products you want to buy before heading into it. Stock is likely to run out fast wherever you shop, so by pinning the specific PS4 and PS5 deals you want before the big day itself, you’ll be at an advantage. Take a note of how much what you want is now, then compare it to the incoming sale price.

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