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Game Review: Resident Evil 3

This ground-up remake of Resident Evil 3 seems like it should have been an open goal. Riding on the coattails of last year’s inspired and deeply unsettling reimagining of Resident Evil 2, the time has now come for Jill Valentine’s parallel story in the series timeline (based on the 1999 PS One original) to similarly...

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Nintendo X LEGO is a thing, but a related leak suggests that an imminent Nintendo Direct could reveal more

If you’ve been scanning the interwebs today you’ll likely have seen that, as part of the ongoing #Mar10 celebrations, Nintendo teased fans with an upcoming collaboration with LEGO. This tease came by way of a short video posted on Twitter, where what looks like a LEGO-ised Mario figurine is placed fully in the frame with...

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Coronavirus threatens to cease global Nintendo Switch production by April

Following announcements by various parties that the continuing coronavirus epidemic will affect the manufacture and production of certain games and consoles, the latest major blow comes by way of Nintendo, who Bloomberg reports will struggle to maintain Switch stock past April. If what’s stated in the report turns out to be true, the industry will...

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Game Review: Darksiders Genesis

Fans of all things hellish and hack-and-slash have always been able to rely on the cult classic Darksiders franchise. With each game casting you as one of the four horseman of the apocalypse, the first three entries all introduced their own unique spins on the traditional third-person action format to help keep things interesting. However,...

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Game Review: Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 whole years since Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd teamed up with developer Terminal Reality to give us Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Originally released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the game has recently been released on modern console platforms, appropriately shushed up with a nice...

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LEAK: New Xbox One S All-Digital version replaces Forza Horizon 3 with Fortnite Rogue Spider Knight DLC

The Xbox One S All-Digital edition has been a bit of a surprise hit since launching earlier this year. Despite critics questioning the viability of a new console model this late in the Xbox One's lifespan, price drops have made the All-Digital the go-to budget console for those looking to make the most of the...

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Product review: EasySMX ESM-9013 Wireless Gaming Controller

The ESM-9013 Wireless Gaming Controller promises to be a budget-friendly solution for all your PS3 and PC gaming needs. But does it live up to this?

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The lowest price for each special edition of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Following on from the immense success of 2017’s Wildlands, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has just released as the next action-packed chapter of the tactical Tom Clancy series. Events move from the scorched dunes of Bolivia to the fictional island of Aurora, where Hollywood actor Jon Bernthal plays the part of an ex-Ghost member gone rogue. It...

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Product review: EasySMX VIP002S RGB gaming headphones

Grabbing a good set of gaming headphones is an absolute must for players seeking the ultimate immersion. Unfortunately, the gaming accessories market is awash with competing headsets all claiming to be the best, when really all you need is a solution that remains comfortable to wear and delivers great sound quality. EasySMX’s VIP002S headset excels...

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