The biggest retailer discounts to be had on the Nintendo Switch Lite this launch day

The biggest retailer discounts to be had on the Nintendo Switch Lite this launch day

In case you weren’t aware today, September 20th, marks the launch for Nintendo’s much sleeker, lighter but still just as powerful rendition of its highly popular hybrid console. It’s called the Nintendo Switch Lite, with the only real difference being that it can no longer be docked and played on the TV. The perk of this subtraction, though? Being able to save up to £100 on the price.

The RRP for the Nintendo Switch Lite in all colours – Turquoise, Yellow and Grey – sits around the £199 mark, but a whole host of retailers are celebrating the console’s launch with several great offers. We’ll be continuing to feature the most recent deals on the Highlights feed over on our Home Page, but here is a round-up of how each retailer is celebrating the Switch Lite’s release. Looking for the classic Switch? Check out all our Nintendo Switch deals and bundles.

Currys PC World – Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

Currys PC world LogoAs one of the UK’s leading tech and games retailers you’d expect Currys PC World to be celebrating the Switch Lite in style. And that they are, thanks to their incredible offer that sees The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (also out today) bundled in completely for free. This offer is applicable to all three colours of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Take a look here:

Argos – Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

The beauty of buying from Argos for many is the ability to have items delivered the same day, or alternatively, reserve them in-store for a collection time that’s suitable for you. Both options work wonders for anyone wanting to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite, which today can be purchased for just £219 with any one great first-party game. A lot of these first-party games will usually be sold individually for around £49.99 themselves, so this is a pretty good deal to jump on. Here’s just a sample of the games included:

GAME – Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

Much like Argos, many of the best Nintendo Switch Lite Deals found over at GAME centre on bundles sitting at £219.99 – with the only real difference being that they package in a third-party release instead of first-party game. This means that you can pick up great games like LEGO Jurassic World, Crash N. Sane Trilogy and Tetris 99 for significantly less than they’d net you on their own. See for yourself:

Nintendo UK Store – Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

The official Nintendo UK store isn’t doing anything too crazy price-wise when compared to the other retailers, but they are including a few exclusive free gifts in with their Nintendo Switch Lite bundles. Freebies include a copy of Super Mario Odyssey, a free cappy hat as featured in the game, a cool keyring and a Switch Lite case. This’ll cost you an admirable £249.99.

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