PS5 deals for Black Friday 2021: How to secure stock during this year’s biggest sales event

PS5 deals for Black Friday 2021: How to secure stock during this year’s biggest sales event

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The biggest online sales event of the year is almost upon us. Unlike last year, though, Black Friday 2021 should see a slight return to normality in terms of stock. Unfortunately PS5 console deals continue to remain few and far between. This means that Sony’s next-gen console could still be hard to find for anyone waiting on a potential PS5 price cut or particularly alluring console bundle. PS5 deals for Black Friday 2021 simply aren’t looking likely, but it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Both the standard PS5 console SKU and Digital SKU might be hard to come by, but currently PS5 stock keeps popping in and out every couple of weeks or so. Retailers are doing their best to keep up with demand. Problem is scalpers, bots, and would-be profiteers typically snap PS5 consoles up far quicker than genuine players. Will the situation resolve itself by Black Friday 2021? Here we’ve broken down what the best course of action is when it comes to offers on PS5 consoles and games.

Will there be any Black Friday PS5 console bundles?

If we’re being honest, no. Sony has only released one first-party PS5 console bundle thus far, focussed on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – and even then, that was tough to track down here in the UK. With PS5 stock still appearing infrequently and no real first-party PS5 exclusive game releasing this holiday season – since Horizon Forbidden West got pushed – it’s hard to imagine Sony sneaking out a new PS5 console bundle out ahead of Black Friday 2021.

However, should PS5 console stock indeed become available, far more likely are bundles put together by third-party retailers. Places like GAME, Tesco and even Smyth’s Toy Store regularly bundle games together with standalone console SKUs, which may come in handy should PS5 stock return to a decent level come Black Friday. However, as already stated, we’re not convinced that this will be the case. Our recommendation would be to get a PS5 ahead of time rather than wait until Black Friday, as its incredibly unlikely the price will drop from its £449.99 RRP.

Which retailers will have PS5 stock on Black Friday 2021?

UK retailers that tend to release PS5 stock haphazardly include GAME, ShopTo, Smyth’s Toy Store, John Lewis, Amazon, and a few others. This elite five have been heroic compared to most others out there, and are frequently at the top of our watch list. It’s unlikely that all these retailers will have enough PS5 stock by Black Friday 2021 to meet to demand, but if there is limited stock it’ll be available to consumers both online as well as in store.

As already mentioned, UK retailers such as those mentioned above are unlikely to slash the price on either PS5 console model come Black Friday. That’s why our recommendation would be to buy a PS5 console as fast as possible when you see one. Next-gen console demand, while still high, will only increase when the hordes descend into retail shelves and internet stores this November. Avoid yourself any stress by getting a PS5 by being vigilant, and try to buy one ahead of this frenzy. Even the biggest UK games retailers like GAME and Amazon won’t be featuring a PS5 bundle as their “hero” offer. Not by choice, but due to the current economic climate.

What PS5 game offers can we expect on Black Friday?

PS5 game offers are expected to be far more affluent than PS5 consoles themselves. This is largely because prices for select titles have slowly started to trickle down over the course of 2021 anyway, but also as it’ll be a great way to appeal to players who already have a PlayStation 5 console. Expect to see deep discounts on PS5 games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Pathless and other top hits. First-party PS5 games are less likely, yet Black Friday 2021 might surprise us and see the prices of Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Sackboy: A Big Adventure drop, too.

Don’t forget that many publishers such as Ubisoft and Square Enix have been relatively pro-consumer in offering free PS4-to-PS5 game upgrades. That means in some instances you’ll be allocated the PS5 version of a game automatically, saving you money even more so. Until Black Friday 2021 arrives fully, here’s the best current offers on a handful of those PS5 games mentioned:





Boxed physical game for delivery
In Stock

On what day will the Black Friday PS5 deals begin?

If there are any PS5 Black Friday deals to be found this year, you can expect to see most of them on November 26th, 2021. That’s the official date. Havening said that, though, quite a lot of retailers tend to launch their Black Friday offers Thursday evening, carrying them through until Saturday morning. Just be wary that retailers like Amazon will set different Black Friday offers LIVE! at different times throughout the day, whereas someone like GAME will have consistent offers throughout the sales period. Will there be any PS5 console deals during this timeframe of the 25th to the 27th? It would be incredibly surprising.

Will the Black Friday PS5 console deals be ready in time?

This is the ultimate question. Because despite far and away being the best-selling console of the year so far in the UK, PS5 stock is incredibly infrequent at most retailers. This might lead the general public to believe that stock will even out by the time we reach Black Friday 2021, but all signs point towards this not being the case. PS5 Stock drops tend to occur at least once per week on average currently. And that alone is impressive, considering the issues surrounding chip shortages, HGV driver, and general post-COVID market conditions.

The best tactic is to pin a PS5 (Standard or Digital) down ahead of Black Friday 2021. The console is too new to see its price drop substantially within the span of just a year, so it’s better to add one to your basket the next time you see it. This is a challenge enough in and of itself, forget trying to secure one amongst the Black Friday 2021 hordes.

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