PlayStation 5 sales in Japan exceed 1 million units, easily outpacing PS4

PlayStation 5 sales in Japan exceed 1 million units, easily outpacing PS4

Trying to get a PS5 in the UK currently is still a bit like trapping a unicorn. However, a recent sales data report published in Famitsu might suggest people are having better luck in other territories. This suggests that Sony has sold a staggering 1 million PS5 units in Japan alone, after only 43 weeks in the market. It took PS4 roughly a year to reach that same number.

As Japan’s leading video games outlet these figures are sure to be pretty accurate. The report even shows the breakdown between how much of that 1 million works out to be Standard PS5 vs. Digital-Only PS5 units. It’s essentially a ratio of 5:1 (847,427 vs. 165.235). The PlayStation 5 SKU with a disc drive is vastly more popular. This is most likely a result of Sony having produced more of the Standard option, which still tend to sell out in a matter of minutes.

The last time we heard about global PlayStation 5 sales was back in July, where Sony revealed it had hit the 10 million sales milestone just 8 months after the console launched back in November 2020. This, too, represents a much quicker rate than what the PS4 achieved in the same timeframe. Such high PS5 sales led Sony’s biggest charm to enjoy its best year ever in terms of pure profit earlier this year in April.

Despite rampant stock scarcity, PlayStation 5 continues to be the best-selling console in the United Kingdom this year. Several designers have described Sony’s lead over Microsoft and Nintendo “healthy”, even though no exact figure for PS5 UK sales have been mentioned like there has been for Japan. Needless to say, PS5 sales continue to soar even with the various economic conditions going against it. Keep up to date on availability with our dedicated PS5 Stock Checker page.

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