PS5 Console Deals

PS5 Console Deals

Compare the latest deals from leading retailers on the standard PS5 disc edition model (includes disc drive).  The standard model differs from the digital edition in that it retains the disc drive traditionally found on gaming consoles.

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PlayStation 5 Console

In Stock
PS5: FC 24 Bundle
EA Sports FC 24

PlayStation 5 Console: EA Sports FC 24 Edition bundled with

  • EA Sports FC 24

  • EA Sports FC 24 1 x Rare Gold Players Pack & 3 x Untradeable Loan Icon Players
In Stock
PS5: 24 Months PS Plus Premium
Playstation Plus 24 Months Membership - UK

PlayStation 5 Console: PS Plus Premium 24 Months Edition bundled with

  • Playstation Plus 24 Months Membership - UK

In Stock

PS5 Technical Specs

The PS5 is available in 2 flavours, the "disc" / "standard" model and the "digital" version.  We're expecting to see a "slim" version at some point during the PS5 lifespan as has been common since the PS2 console.


PS5 Disc Console

Release Date November 19th, 2020
Price £479.99
Disc Drive Yes
RAM 24GB total with reportedly 20GB GDDR6
Storage 825GB Custom SSD
Ray Tracing Yes
Backwards Compatibility Yes (initially only 100 PS4 games)
Maximum Resolution 8K
Chipset Bespoke 8-core AMD
Maximum Framerate 120 frames per second

PS5 Official Bundles

We're seeing a number of games bundled with the PS5, Sony hasn't been afraid to spend cash to ensure they have triple-A games available as part of there console bundle range.

from £479.99

1 deal available

from £579.00

1 deal available

from £539.99

1 deal available

0 available deals

0 available deals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the PS5 Standard Edition?

The PS5 Standard Edition boasts a £479.99 RRP here in the UK, slightly undercutting most analytical predictions that it would be well over the £500 mark. This results in a £90 price difference between the Standard and Digital PS5 SKUs, but the latter could save you money in the long run thanks to the included disc drive, which frees you up to shop for your games freely at a range of British retailers.

When did the PS5 Standard Edition first release?

Both PlayStation 5 variants: Digital and Standard hit UK store shelves on November 19th, 2020. This was actually a week after other territories like USA, Japan and New Zealand received it, and roughly 9 days after the console's competitor, Xbox Series X | S, officially launched. Pre-orders for the PS5 Standard Edition dried up extremely quickly, but we're now seeing stock being more and more readily available.

Are there any performance differences between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console?

Nope, it's just that disc drive that is missing from the digital version.

What's in the box?

Good question, see below:

  • The console
  • 1 x DualSense wireless controller (usually white but may differ on the console branding)
  • USB C to Type A charging cable for the wireless controller
  • Base that allows you to stand the console vertically or horizontally
  • HDMI cable (HDMI v2.1 compatible)
  • AC power cord
  • Quick Start and Safety guide.
Can I store or play PS5 games from a USB drive?

Yep!  You will need to ensure you've installed the latest software update for this though.  You can plug in a USB drive and utilise this as additional external storage on top of the 825GB base memory of the console.  

You can also store and play PS4 games from a compatible USB drive connected to PS5. 

Does the PS5 support 4K at 120Hz?

Indeed it does! The PS5 supports HDMI 2.1 specification, 4K 120Hz.  Boom!

PS5 Disc Edition Deals & Bundles

You can use this page to compare prices, stock and deals for the standard PS5 model. Head over to our main PS5 page if you’re wanting to compare all available PS5 deals.

The disc edition differs from the digital edition in that it retains the disc drive traditionally found on gaming consoles. The Digital Edition will rely purely on digital downloads and streaming, whereas with the standard edition, you’ll be able to play physical game discs as well as other physical media, such as 4K Blu ray DVDs. Combine this with the Sony PS5 media remote, and you’re looking at a home entertainment behemoth.


Save on games with the option to buy physical with the PS5 Disc Edition

Many would assume that the cheapest way to buy games would be purchasing digitally however, this is not the case regarding PS5 games. There are no third-party retailers for digital PlayStation games meaning that Sony entirely controls the pricing on their PlayStation store. This means no price competitiveness and you're always going to pay full RRP for digital games on PS5 around launch and would have to wait til further down the line for a sale if you are looking to pay less. Therefore one major advantage of purchasing a PS5 disc edition is opening up the option to buy physical games. Physical games retailers compete for your custom meaning you'll often find prices below RRP even when pre-ordering or buying at launch.

Whilst the PS5 Disc Edition is more expensive than its digital counterpart you can make up that extra cost by saving on your physical games purchases as opposed to going fully digital. It also means that you can purchase pre-owned games, saving even more money.

Customise your console set-up with console covers and different DualSense Controllers

Sadly it does seem that limited edition consoles may be left in the last generation for Sony with the PS4 as even though the PS5 has not seen a single limited edition console since its release in November 2020. However, this doesn't mean you can't customise your set-up somewhat. The PS5's side panels can be taken off and replaced. So far Sony has released 5 different colour console covers with matching PS5 DualSense controllers allowing you to switch things up to suit your style. This is somewhat more consumer-friendly as it's significantly cheaper to buy a console cover than a whole new console. We're hoping that Sony will start to bring out more console covers maybe with game-specific designs but we're yet to see that. We've put the currently available PS5 Console Covers below with where you can purchase them.

Whilst we do miss the excitement of a limited edition console it's alleviated somewhat by Sony releasing limited edition PS5 DualSense controllers as they have for the releases of God of War Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy both bringing gorgeous controllers that both feel great as any DualSense controller does and looking exceptional. Check out all the PS5 DualSense Wireless controller colours released so far.

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