New Digital PS5 Bundle spotted! We didn't expect this

New Digital PS5 Bundle spotted! We didn't expect this

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Recently there's been quite the flurry of PS5 stock with console actually lasting longer than the expected 30 seconds. If you're after a console make sure you join our discord where we post stock alerts and keep you in the know where those hard to come by consoles are. Alongside the regular PS5 bundles we've also spotted a new PS5 digital bundle at Argos which packs the digital console with a digital copy of the latest big PS5 exclusive Horizon: Forbidden West. This bundle comes as quite a surprise as the Ratchet and Clank PS5 bundle from last year did not have a digital version and was exclusive to the physical system. It's good to see PlayStation rivalling Xbox's digital console which saw a Rocket League and Fortnite Xbox Series S themed bundle last year. The new bundle went out of stock almost immediately at Argos but we're hoping to see other retailers pick up this new bundle similar to what we saw with the physical system counterpart last week.

The bundle was priced at £409.99 so if you factor in the console at £359.99 you're getting a digital copy of Horizon: Forbidden West on PS5 for £50. This isn't a bad deal at all considering the game is £69.99 on the PlayStation store. Keep in mind that the PS5 digital console in this bundle is not a special edition is the same console you would expect to see in any other PS5 Digital bundle. The big allure of this bundle is the value when compared to how a lot of retailers are overpricing games and accessories in their console bundles and providing relatively poor value to customers


Check out our handy PS5 page for more info on stock and also the comparison below will be updated if this bundle comes in stock.

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PS5 Digital Edition: Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

PlayStation 5 Digital Console: Horizon Forbidden West Edition bundled with

  • Horizon Forbidden West

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