Black Friday 2020: All you need to know about this year’s big sales event

Black Friday 2020: All you need to know about this year’s big sales event

We’re now just weeks away from one of the biggest sales events of the year, which as players already know will be playing out slightly differently in 2020. The UK government has officially announced a national lockdown throughout the month of November, meaning that Black Friday’s focus this year will be mainly online. Games and related consoles and accessories will be needed more than ever, so expect big discounts on all things PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In this guide we’ll be discussing and exploring the best practices you can take to make the most of Black Friday 2020. From the retailers planning to participate across the UK to products you’re likely to see discounted, this is your one-stop shop for how to best handle your own personal Black Friday prospects. With these top tips you may just bag a bargain!

When is Black Friday 2020 happening?

This year’s Black Friday will take place on November 27th, 2020, with many retailers continuing promotions all the way through to Monday. Obviously in amongst sales on furniture, electronics and other departments, video games, console bundles and accessories will also be included. This means having to pay special and close attention to a range of retailers, all of whom will be trying to undercut each other to try and tempt you into a good deal. Speaking of which…

Which retailers will be taking part?

Black Friday 2020 will involve a who’s who of UK retailers, with some of the most prominent participants being Amazon, Currys PC World, Argos, Smyths Toy Store and many more. These are, of course, brands you’d usually be able to step into and browse in. This now won’t be possible due to the incoming COVID-19 restrictions and so will instead move fully online.

Video game-specific retailers such as 365 Games, Base and GAME will also be taking part, likely introducing site-wide sales to stay competitive with the bigwigs. It’s worth noting that some of the major UK retailers will start to wind up their deals a week ahead of Black Friday 2020 proper, which this year is November 20th. These advanced offers and discounts won’t be anywhere near as generous as those seen between the 27th and 30th, but it should give any players in waiting a taste of what to expect.

How can I find the best Black Friday 2020 deals?

Finding the best video game deals during Black Friday 2020, despite sounding very daunting, couldn’t be much simpler! Obviously, you might want to keep up a tab for each of your preferred retailers open to have a casual browse, but your best course of action should be to keep it locked right here on Gaming Deals. Our unique tech allows to compare the best price for 1000s of products across a wide range of retailers, including those mentioned above, meaning that we’ll do all the hard work posting highlights and the most enticing deals throughout the extended weekend period.

We’re hard at work putting together an official Black Friday portal webpage here on Gaming Deals where you can go to find all the best deals as they immediately come in. However, failing that the dedicated highlights section found on our homepage will also continue to be updated throughout the day and on a regular basis, collating all the best Black Friday 2020 offers on games, consoles and accessories into one neat and understandable place.

Will the price of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles drop?

The big question for a lot of players this Black Friday will be whether or not PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will see major discounts. In short, yes! While we’re unable to comment on the severity of the discounts applicable to current-gen consoles, the launch of both Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 on November 10th and November 19th respectively, should be the nail in the coffin for PS4 and Xbox One’s existing price points.

At the time of writing, buying a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S brand new will generally set you back roughly £249.99. Such a stringent RRP is unusual to see in a year when we’re also expecting new console platforms to launch, but we estimate that the reason they haven’t been discounted already is due to such high demand throughout the year as a result of COVID-19. However, if PS4 and Xbox One are to be discounted Black Friday 2020 will be the time to do it. Xbox One was already selling at £199.99 during last year’s Black Friday, so it’s safe to say this will happen again (as part of a bundle).

It’s a little less clear as to how much the PlayStation 4 will be discounted this year, but there’s every reason to believe that it will match Xbox One’s deep price plummet in the effort to stay competitive. PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, has already publicly recognised that not all PS4 players will instantly make the jump to PS5 on launch day, so Black Friday 2020 is the perfect opportunity to entice prospective players over.

The Nintendo Switch is a totally different kettle of fish, as it were. The home console/handheld device hybrid continues to sell well for Nintendo, meaning that there isn’t much incentive for either the standard Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch lite to succumb to deep price savings. However, they won’t want PlayStation and Xbox claiming all the headlines, meaning that it’s likely arranged Nintendo Switch bundles that are good value for money. The console itself might not be discounted, but the value of buying one should be significantly upped thanks to added games and accessories.

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