Best PS5 Deals February 2024

Best PS5 Deals February 2024

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The PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console on the market right now, and for good reason. Sony's flagship now has 2 new models available with the PS5 Slim and we've seen some fantastic deals and discounts over Black Friday and the holiday period that have led to the consoles flying off the shelves. The older model specifically has been reduced several times over 2023 but is becoming harder to find now in 2024 as Sony focuses production on the two Slim models. Whilst the discounts aren't quite what they were back at the end of 2023 there are still plenty of great discounts and bundles to pick up here in the UK as a result of retailers bundling in free games and accessories alongside consoles.

Our PS5 price comparison always has the latest and greatest PS5 deals and bundles and in this article, we will be highlighting some of the best our tools can find from scouring UK retailers to help you find discounts on consoles and potentially get you a free game or accessories alongside your console purchase.

How much is a PS5 usually?

Before we get into some deals let's establish the base price for a PS5 so you can get an idea of the value you're getting in a bundle.

  • The PS5 standard disc drive console both Slim and original models RRP is £479.99.
  • Both PS5 Digital models both Slim and original RRP at £389.99. 

These are the prices you can expect to pay for just a console with no extras. It is common for retailers to offer the consoles at these prices alongside a game or accessories that can be worth anywhere between £30-60. These deals are certainly worth going for as long as the game/accessories are something you're interested in. What's a console without games to play?

Best PS5 Bundle Deals in February 2024.

  • PS5 older model (Disc Version) £369.99 at GAME - alongside PS5 Slim discounts right now GAME have dropped the old model down as well. Grabbing the old PS5 model for just £369.99 is a really solid deal if you don't want to stretch for the newer Slim model, this gives you more funds for games accessories on your PS5.
  • PS5 Slim (Disc version) £409.00 at Currys - there's a sale on right now on the PS5 Slim across most retailers and you can grab the console on its own for just £409.00 from Currys which is the best price right now. This is a saving of £70. This is by far the best deal we've had on the Solus PS5 Slim since it launched in November, and we're not sure how long it's going to be available. This is available from most big UK console retailers as can be seen on our PS5 price comparison but Currys have knocked an extra £10 off.
  • PS5 Slim (Disc Version) + Helldivers + Last of Us Part II Remastered £449.00 at EE Store - this bundle from EE Store gets you the new PS5 console exclusive Helldivers 2 and Last of Us Part II Remastered for an extra £30 on top of the RRP. This is a great price considering both these games only recently released and would set you back around £80 for both of them but you're grabbing them for just £30 extra. Helldivers II is a brilliant fun co-op game which is a good way to get started with your PS5 gaming selection whilst Last of Us Part II remastered is the best way to play Naughty Dog's last single-player PlayStation exclusive.

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PS5 Slim 1TB
Featured Deal

PlayStation 5 Slim Console

In Stock
PS5 Slim 1TB
Helldivers II
Featured Deal

PlayStation 5 Slim Console bundled with

  • Helldivers II

In Stock

Best PS5 Digital Bundles/Deals in February 2024

PS5 Digital deals right now are few and far between, of the PS5 consoles this is the one that is least likely to see discounts and solid bundles. One reason for this is that physical games can't be bundled with the digital console. It's always been the least discounted of the Skus and right now there's only one deal that stands out.

PS5 Slim Digital + DualSense Controller £419.98 at EE Store - this is the best deal around right now which effectively nets you a DualSense controller on top of your PS5 Slim Digital for just £30 (usually £64.99). There's no way you're going to be able to get a PS5 DualSense controller this cheap outside of a bundle so if you're after the Slim digital PS5 model and find yourself playing co-op or just like having a spare controller this is a solid deal.

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PS5 Slim Digital 1TB
PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - White
Featured Deal

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Console bundled with

  • PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - White

In Stock

Which PS5 model should I buy?

The Digital consoles do not have a disc drive and this is why they come in at a lower initial price however, in the case of the PS5 Slim Digital you can purchase a separate disc drive at a later date if you decide you would like to play physical games. As a result of not having a disc drive the PS5 Digital consoles are smaller than their physical counterparts. This is down to what suits you, if you primarily play games digitally and rarely purchase physical go for the Digital consoles, if you always play physical games then pay the extra money and go for a PS5 with a disc drive.

Right now it is pretty much always worth going for a Slim PS5 as opposed to the older bigger models as they're pretty much the same price. However, we have seen large discounts on the old models in the past and in this case it may be worth going for these if you want to save a bit of money as the PS5 Slim is no more powerful it is simply smaller and has around 175GB more SSD storage.

The Disc PS5s tend to always have better discounts and bundles than the Digital consoles so this may also influence your purchasing decision.


So there you have it the best PS5 deals available right now in February 2024. Remember to use our full PS5 deals page to see more PlayStation 5 deals and bundles. Also if the cost of a PS5 is too steep consider checking out our PS5 pay monthly guide which helps you find the best PS5 financing deals currently available to help spread the cost of getting a new PS5 console with 0% interest. Let us know below if there are any deals we missed.

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