Best Currys Black Friday 2019 gaming deals

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More so than most, Currys PC World is one of the UK’s go-to retailers when it comes to, not just video games, but all manner of tech-related goodies. Black Friday is therefore big business for Currys PC World every year – and 2019 doesn’t look to be any different. There’s bound to be plenty of great price discounts made to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 consoles, so we thought to school you up on all the best offers and deals to expect from Currys PC World during Black Friday 2019. Here’s everything you need to know.

Getting the best Currys Black Friday Deals for 2019

Black Friday has historically been a great time to pick up a new console from Currys PC World, especially since November time is when all the big Triple-A games make their way to store shelves. Needless to say, you’ll have no shortage of titles to choose from, so there’s every chance that visiting Currys PC World throughout Black Friday weekend – either online or in person – could see you get a bundle with one of these hot new releases included. PS4, for example, already has bundles centred around FIFA 20 and Modern Warfare, while Xbox has nabbed marketing exclusivity for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Currys PC World has already started to tease that they’ll be dropping the price of various console bundles over on their official site, advising people to “check out the Currys sale and a PS4 or Xbox One Black Friday bargain could be on the cards!” Black Friday highlights from Currys PC World last year included a £20 price slash on the Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Red Mario Kart 8 bundle, an Xbox One S bundle with four games for only £179.99 and several discounts on the PS4 Pro and Slim. Currys PC World has also stated that its hallmark ‘price promise’ remains intact for the Black Friday period, meaning they’ll match any offer on products as many as seven days after purchase.

Currys PC World itself has revealed that it’s busiest sales period for Black Friday 2018 unsurprisingly peaked in the morning, with the majority of crowds falling through the doors between 6.00 and 12.00. They advise to pop by after that if you would prefer a “calmer shopping experience” but keeping your Black Friday 2019 antics online helps you to avoid all that for the most part. There’s currently a whole host of discounts to enjoy as part of the retailers ‘Why Wait’ sale. However, believe us when we say that there will be plenty of reasons to have waited come November 29th.

Currys Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals & bundles

Currys may have kicked off Black Friday earlier this week, but that doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of good deals on Nintendo Switch to be had right now during Black Friday proper. See what they have in store:

Best Nintendo Switch bundle Black Friday deal from Currys:

Best Nintendo Switch Lite bundle Black Friday deal from Currys:

When it comes to discounting their consoles, Nintendo is never one to play ball. Unfortunately, this even extends into the Black Friday event period, meaning that you likely won’t see anything too drastic from Currys PC World this year. The standard Nintendo Switch model is the one that can be docked to play on a TV or played solely in handheld mode. It would normally set you back £279.99 on its own, and is likely to stay this price, only purchasers are certainly almost guaranteed to get a high-profile game packaged in for free.

Those looking for a lower barrier to entry for Nintendo Switch might alternatively wish to consider the cheaper, sleeker and brighter Lite model that released earlier in 2019. Nintendo Switch Lite shares all the same functionality of the regular Switch bar the ability to be docked – it’s essentially a handheld only console. However, removing this is what has allowed it to be priced roughly £80 less than the first model at £199.99. The Lite already dipped to as low as £179.99 not too long after launch, so expect Currys PC World to reintroduce this offer (or maybe even better it?) during the 2019 Black Friday sales.

Currys PS4 Black Friday deals & bundles

Wondering what PS4 deals Currys PC World has in store in honour of Black Friday? Both the Pro and Slim are heavily discounted, ready to help customers grab a bargain. Take a look:

Best PS4 Slim bundle Black Friday deal from Currys:

Best PS4 Pro bundle Black Friday deal from Currys:

PlayStation has been announced to release before the end of next year, meaning that retailers should be eager to shift even more PS4 units ahead of the time when it officially becomes obsolete. Because of this, Black Friday enthusiasts should expect some heft discounts on both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro bundles from Currys PC World. Exactly how deep these discounts will become is still the big question mark, but considering that a standard 500GB PS4 Slim retails for around £250, seeing it dip to below £200 is a fair assumption.

There’s sure to be a flurry of PS4 Slim bundle deals going around too, with Currys PC World looking to entice Black Friday customers more so by including extra PS4 games for less than the price that you’d pick up a PS4 normally on its own. This is great news considering that PS4 has some of the best exclusive games out of all three of the major platforms. Grabbing a PS4 Slim with the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End packaged in for a markedly lower price is a Black Friday 2019 guarantee from Currys PC World.

PS4 Slim’s bigger brother, the PS4 Pro, is also expected to have its priced slashed heavily. The souped-up version of the PS4 typically retails for around £350, but we’d suggest that you’re likely to see at least £50 come off of that. There are various PS4 Pro offers already being had on Currys PC World as part of the ‘Why Wait’ sale, where players can pick up a PS4 Pro with a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man for free. Black Friday 2019 will bring with it deeper sales, so the best is yet to come.

Currys Xbox One Black Friday deals & bundles

Xbox One might be the cheapest out of the three consoles normally, but that hasn't stopped eBay from lowering the price even more as part of Black Friday. Grab either an S or X for a great deal below:

Best Xbox One S bundle Black Friday deal from Currys:

Best Xbox One X bundle Black Friday deal from Currys:

The Xbox One family of consoles has historically always been the lowest priced, serving as the best way for players to get in on the current generation. In terms of the traditional entry-level Xbox One S, last year saw Currys PC World discount a Xbox One S bundle that included Forza Horizon 4, Tekken 7 & Project Cars 2 Bundle for only £179.99 – well over £50 less than the £250’s worth of value. This year will see the same console similarly on offer, only now with a flurry of recent releases now being bundled in.

Much like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One also has a much more powerful hardware successor known as the Xbox One X. Constantly marketed as “the world’s most powerful console”, it typically retails for £449.99, rendering it the most expensive home console choice on the market. However, Currys PC World have previously done a good job offsetting this cost with a range of Black Friday bundles and offers, so 2019 will be no different. For example, the Xbox One X could be picked up for under £400 with a game bundled in previously; expect Currys PC World to do something similar this year.

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