Best Argos Black Friday 2019 gaming deals

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As one of the UK’s most prominent retailers, Argos is always worth keeping an eye on whenever the Black Friday sales roll around. The big benefit to shopping at Argos, of course, is the ability to reserve games and consoles ahead of time, guaranteeing you that the items you want will be there when you arrive – avoiding any potential disappointment. This factor again gives Argos an edge during the Black Friday 2019 sales, so let’s breakdown everything you need to know about the Argos Black Friday deals.

Finding the best Argos Black Friday console deals

First off, it’s worth mentioning that Argos is already gearing up for Black Friday in a big way, having started its own ‘Crazy Codes’ deals event. Essentially this works by Argos releasing an all-new code every Wednesday in the lead up to Black Friday, letting customers enjoy huge potential savings in time for the Christmas period. PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players shouldn’t get too hyped, however, as these crazy codes don’t cover games. Still, it shows how committed Argos is to this year’s Black Friday event, with plenty of game deals waiting in the wings.

One good deal-hunting tip game players can take advantage of though is the Argos Card, which is a store-exclusive way to spread the cost of items without accruing any interest (providing you follow the Ts&Cs). As with any credit plan, it’s important to do the appropriate research and ensure it makes sense for you, but as soon as you pass the financial check you’ll be all good to go. This comes in particularly handy when purchasing a console bundle, as purchases over £50 remain automatically interest free for 3 months with an Argos Card – perfect for Black Friday.

Last year saw Argos drop some big Black Friday offers, so much that over 1 million customers ended up visiting their stores during the course of the weekend. Even more people clicked through to their website to find the best deals and 2019 promises to be no different. For instance, Argos dropped the price for the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle to just £179.99; there’s every chance the revised PSVR bundle from Sony will be slashed even further by Argos in time for Black Friday 2019.

Argos PS4 Black Friday deals & bundles

Argos has come out fighting once again with its PS4 Black Friday bundles and deals. Here's the best offers you can find currently:

Best PS4 Slim bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

Best PS4 Pro bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

PS4 players should be keeping their eyes turned to Argos come Black Friday 2019, largely because we’re expecting the arrival of PlayStation 5 in late 2020. This means that this year’s Black Friday is PlayStation’s final chance to deeply discount the PS4 while it remains their current console, getting new players on board in time for when big hitters like The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima hit the store shelves.

The current RRP for a standard Jet Black 500GB PlayStation 4 Slim sits around £249.99. However, it isn’t unusual to see it drop to as low as £209 with a good game bundled in, meaning there’s good cause to believe that Argos could slash it for Black Friday to under £199. Seeing this PS4 bundle with say, a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or FIFA 20 packaged in for this price is always possibility. It’s not an extremely high one, but it’s equally not a very low one – largely due to PS5 coming in hot so quickly next year.

In terms of offers surrounding the souped-up PS4 Pro, Argos currently aren’t budging from the general price of £349.99. Expect to see a pretty decent discount on this bundle when Black Friday 2019 rolls around, though. For instance, the PS4 Pro bundled with Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped from £350 to around £320 in 2018, letting new purchasers enjoy a big enough saving to spend on an entirely new PS4 game.

PS4 enthusiasts also won’t want to overlook the incoming Black Friday 2019 discounts relating to PlayStation VR. Argos slashed the price of the standard PSVR starter pack by £50 back in 2018, so there’s every reason to believe that the deals will be at least this good again for this year. 2019 introduced a new PSVR Mega Pack, which featured an updated list of included games. This bundle is the one Argos are likely to unleash all their Black Friday might upon.

Argos Xbox One Black Friday deals & bundles

The Xbox One family of consoles is already the cheapest by this point, but that hasn't stopped Argos from offering some great Black Friday deals. Take a look at the best current Xbox One offers:

Best Xbox One S bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

Best Xbox One X bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

The Xbox One continues to be priced the lowest out of the three major console platforms. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see one listed normally outside of a sales event for roughly £199.99. That’s without a game, but you can always find that same console SKU bundled with a major new release like Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4 for just a little bit more than that. Argos, however, has been known to discount Xbox One S consoles even deeper come Black Friday. It’s very likely that players will be able to pick up a decent S bundle for closer to £150.

Again, as is the case with PlayStation 4, the next generation of Xbox console is due to arrive in Holiday 2020. Argos knows this, as do the most dialled in folks, meaning that both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X will see some heavy deals. Xbox One X is still the most powerful console, priced in the region of £450 traditionally. Expect Argos to drop the price of Xbox One X console bundles to well under £400 during Black Friday weekend, including those that feature digital game downloads in the box.

Argos Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals & bundles

Black Friday 2019 symbolises the best time to join the Nintendo Switch hype. Argos has an abundance of great bundle offers on both the original model as well as its slimmer, lighter version. See for yourself:

Best Nintendo Switch bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

Best Nintendo Switch Lite bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

Nintendo Switch may have been around for almost three years, but it’d be fair to say that there’s still a lot of buzz surrounding it. Players simply love the ability to play their games portably in handheld mode as well as on the big screen, so you can expect Argos to offer players a tidy saving come Black Friday 2019. Nintendo in general is notoriously stingy when it comes to discounting its games and consoles, but that isn’t likely to stop Argos from at least offering up some enticing bundles.

The classic Nintendo Switch design is the model that allows players to play in both modes, featuring two Joy-Cons either side that can be detached and re-attached accordingly. The RRP for this Switch is £279.99, but every so often you might see it for £10 more with a first-party Nintendo Switch exclusive included. This is the kind of approach Argos is likely to double down on for Black Friday 2019, not so much slashing the price of the Nintendo Switch and instead focus on bundles.

However, those looking for a much lower price point in which they can jump onto the Nintendo Switch platform only need look so far as the Nintendo Switch Lite. You won’t get the added benefit of playing your games on the big screen, but the RRP for this model is almost £80 lower at £199.99. Nintendo has been less worried about dropping this price, though, so Argos is likely to knock £10 or £20 off the price of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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