Microsoft has revealed a trio of Limited-edition Wonder Woman 1984 Xbox One consoles

Microsoft has revealed a trio of Limited-edition Wonder Woman 1984 Xbox One consoles

Remember when Microsoft confirmed that the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One released in June would be the last ever special edition variant of the console? Well, it turns out they were lying to us, because earlier today the tech giant unveiled a series of limited-edition Xboxes specifically designed to tie in with the release of Wonder Woman 1984. Needless to say, if you’re a movie buff or just a big fan of furry leopard print you’ll be happy.

All three consoles were announced by Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg via an official post over on the Xbox News Wire, where he detailed how players could stand a chance at winning one. Each custom Xbox One console boasts a wildly different design than the other, with the most notable being the striking ‘Golden Armour’ Xbox One X. Crafted to look like Wonder Woman’s winged suit that’s been appearing in all the movie’s marketing, it is adorned in 24-carat golden leaves and there is only one – yes one – in existence.

The second Xbox One design is heavily based on Wonder Woman’s iconic lasso of truth, featuring her bold logo slap-bang in the centre of an orange top. The third and final tie-in console… is indeed a furry Xbox. Explicitly called the “Barbara Minerva Xbox One X”, it touts a unique mix of faux leopard print fur and snakeskin to mimic the aesthetic of Wonder Woman’s villain, Cheetah, from the upcoming movie.

To win either of these two custom consoles, be sure to like or retweet the relevant Xbox sweepstakes post over on Twitter any time between August 25th and September 17th.

Still hungry for some limited-edition Xbox One goodness? We recently ran through and ranked the five rarest variants of Microsoft’s console. It’s almost like Aaron Greenberg is toying with us by now releasing these new three. See who else Microsoft has teamed up with in the past:

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