PS5 Slim Vs. Xbox Series X: Which console should you buy in 2024?

PS5 Slim Vs. Xbox Series X: Which console should you buy in 2024?

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The PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate has been ongoing for over 3 years now but Sony was the first to bring out a new model with their PS5 Slim consoles, whilst Xbox do have an all-digital Series X coming at some point it hasn't even officially been unveiled yet so it's safe to assume it's a way out from release. The PS5 Slim has effectively replaced the original disc and digital models, with the same RRP leading to us finding very little stock of the old "fat" models. Because of these reasons, we think it's worth comparing the two consoles for those of you who haven't yet jumped onto the next generation so you can make an informed decision between the PS5 Slim and Xbox Series X. Both consoles boast impressive specs, innovative features, and libraries packed with potential. But which one is right for you?

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Performance: Neck and Neck Power

When you look at the performance of the PS5 Slim and the Xbox Series X they're incredibly similar, both consoles can play games in 4K resolutions with framerates up to 120FPS depending on the title. The Xbox Series X does just beat the PS5 Slim with a slightly faster CPU and GPU but ultimately this is very minor and you can be comfortable knowing that buying either console will be a powerful piece of tech for running games. You'd struggle to build a PC that can run titles as well as these consoles do for anywhere close to their price.

They both come with 1TB SSDs (this is an improvement for the PS5 Slim compared to the older PS5 model which only had 825GB) and in both the PS5 Slim and Xbox Series X you can expand this storage. When it comes to storage expansion you have a bit more freedom with options with the PS5 Slim as you can put any PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVME SSD with a heatsink into the slot which there are tonnes of options for. The Xbox Series X however is slightly more limited as you have to use their expansion card slot which only Seagate make, meaning less price competitiveness. Both internal SSDs are fantastic and one of the best upgrades from previous generation consoles and loading screens are just far less prevalent and frustrating than they used to be on old HDD tech. 

Just a quick note that both the digital and disc models of the PS5 Slim have the same internals and power just the digital model does not have a disc tray, however, one can be bought separately. The Xbox Series X is only available with a disc tray and the digital model the Xbox Series S we aren't considering in this article due to its significantly worse performance.

Who has the best controller?

Whilst the console itself is important I honestly think the controller and gamepad that accompanies it also is a core consideration when picking a console. This console generation Sony innovated a lot, PS5's DualSense controller is a game-changer. Its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers create an immersive sense of touch, truly putting you in the heart of the game. The Xbox Series X controller, while comfortable, doesn't offer the same level of innovation. However, the Xbox Series X controller is still a very solid option, it just feels like the DualSense offers a better overall gaming experience with how developers take advantage of its feature set.

PS5 Slim vs Xbox Series X who has the best exclusive games library?

With power and performance being so similar one of the most important considerations when choosing between these two consoles is their library of first-party/exclusive games.

So far this generation the PS5 has had some massive exclusive titles including God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Gran Turismo 7.

On the Xbox side, we've had Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport, Hi-Fi Rush and Microsoft Flight Simulator

There are more titles for both consoles but these are some of the highlights. Looking at these titles Sony and the PS5 Slim are the winners especially when it comes to big narrative single-player experiences that are exclusive to the console. Xbox is just a bit behind right now after not having a great showing in 2023 but they do have a lot of exclusive Xbox titles potentially launching in 2024 and they've also just purchased Activision-Blizzard which could lead to some rather interesting exclusives the future. But PlayStation have already started 2024 strong with exclusives like Helldivers 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth having great reception.

Master Chief and Kratos

When it comes to online services we have one clear winner

Whilst the PS5 Slim has PlayStation Plus with several tiers that grant access to online multiplayer and a catalogue of free games they're completely overshadowed by Xbox's Game Pass subscription. Xbox Game Pass grants you a huge catalogue of games to download for £11.99 a month including all first-party Xbox titles released on the service day one. PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium are £10.99 & £13.49 monthly respectively and the catalogue is nowhere near as strong as Xbox's offering and does not include 1st party titles from day one.

Team Green takes this one easily with Xbox Game Pass just being one of the best deals in gaming.

How much do the PS5 Slim & Xbox Series X cost?

Be sure to check our PS5 Slim price comparison and Xbox Series X deals pages for the most up-to-date prices; these are always refreshing with the latest prices from leading UK retailers.

When it comes to RRP the PS5 Slim comes in at £389.99 for the PS5 Slim Digital (no disc tray) and £479.99 for the PS5 Slim with disc tray. Also, you can buy a disc tray separately for the digital model for £99.99. It is very unlikely to see a price reduction on the Digital PS5 Slim however the disc tray model has frequently seen discounts since its release in November dropping to around £409.00.

The Xbox Series X RRP is £479.99 but you can normally find it for a bit less than that at around the £430-£460 mark.

So all in all prices are quite similar but we have tended to see the PS5 Slim receive really good discounts considering it's only been out since November 2023 and with the Slim, you always have to option to take the lower price of the PS5 Slim Digital.

So which console should you buy between the Xbox Series X and the PS5 Slim?

Ultimately there's no right answer here and it does come down to you and your preferences. Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses but they're both brilliant pieces of hardware.

If you favour the IPs of one console then you should probably go that way, don't worry about power and performance as both consoles are very close in this regard. If you want a powerful all-digital console then the PS5 Slim Digital is the way to go and the Xbox Series X doesn't yet have a powerful digital counterpart. 

If money is something you're considering the PS5 Slim has a sale and it's available for £409 this is a great price however if you're interested in Xbox Game Pass and the offerings there this makes the Xbox a really solid investment as you will save a tonne not having to buy games with Game Pass. Both of these consoles will be a large step up from the PS4 and Xbox One generation and more and more of the games coming out now are releasing exclusively onto the newer generation without being compatible with Xbox One, take Starfield for the Series X or Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for the PS5 Slim for example.

So what do you think? Let us know down below which console appeals more to you and your needs or if you're waiting it out for the next "Pro" model that could eventually come.

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