Product Review: Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset

Product Review: Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset

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Picking a gaming headset is always a tough decision because there’s obviously so much choice, though another factor players often forget to consider is what tier is right for them. Do you opt for a premium-level, eSports-ready solution that may break the bank? For most people it’s unlikely. It stands to reason, therefore, that something of mid-tier quality would be more suitable for those that game on the regular. That’s exactly the gap Gioteck’s TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset wants to fill.

Does it succeed? To an extent. Priced at around £50 it’s not especially cheap, but then not all that expensive either. Overall, this means it should appeal to players who want to enjoy a wireless gaming headset without having to compromise on sound quality. This is generally a much better option from Gioteck than the wired TX-50 we reviewed back in January, acting as a solid wireless headset choice for gamers playing on PC, PS4 or PS5.

Gioteck TX70 wireless headset – Style

The TX70 makes a great first impression when first taking it out of the box. Typically with headsets in this price bracket it’d be easy for the manufacturer to just slam it into a cardboard box and call it a day. There is a bit of that here. However, sliding it out the headset is tightly packed and nicely protected, giving a whiff that the TX70 wireless headset is perhaps a little more premium than what it actually is.

In terms of the headset itself, the Gioteck TX70 feels sleek because of the all-over matte black design. Everything from the athletic mesh that cushions the 50mm stereo drivers, the expandable headset band, to even the flip down mic give off this relatively muted design, ensuring it won’t look out of place when in use or kept under most people’s entertainment centres. The only major design flourish are the luminous LEDs which sit outward just above the earcup, which will glow a subtle baby blue whenever the TX70 is being charged.

It won’t win any awards for being the most stylish mid-tier headset out there, yet it does the job and does well with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach with regards to design. One of my personal bugbears is when an accessories manufacturer gets a bit too experimental in the placement of its own logo. Here, however, any mention of Gioteck itself has been completely done away with in favour of a subtle “TX70” etching located either side. It’s actually quite elegant.

Gioteck TX70 wireless headset – Functionality

The Gioteck can communicate wirelessly with either your PC, PS4 and PS5 using an ultra-low latency 2.4 GHz connection via USB. Setting this up is as simple as plugging in the dongle into anyone of those three and switching the headset on, wherein you’ll hear a little start-up sound to know that the two are communicating. It’s hard to imagine functionality being any more seamless than this. Impressive again is the TX70’s 15-hour battery life, which is a good length and possible on only a 3-hour charge.

Despite being specifically geared towards PlayStation consoles and PC, Gioteck has included a braided 3.5mm cable for players who want to use it with an Xbox console or Nintendo Switch. It’s obviously not ideal, especially when there are wireless headset options for both out there, but even if the TX70 can’t be the perfect all-in-one solution for players who own all four major gaming platforms, the headset works well enough in wired mode and the cable is a good length.

Gioteck TX70 wireless headset – Performance

The Gioteck TX70 wireless headset delivers a decent punch when it comes to sound thanks to enhanced 50mm drivers. The only issue (of the few) is that it has a problem locking in this sound, at least for me. The cushioned earcups are comfortable, sure, yet there are also exceptionally small. This can make it difficult to stay relaxed and locked into the game over long periods of time, and as mentioned the earcups being so snug often led them to slip and allow sound to seep out. It’s a shame, because otherwise the TX70 would be a good all-rounder.

Gioteck are quite bold about the TX70’s “bass boost” feature, and to its credit the headset succeeded in providing a good range of sound when testing it across myriad games. Gun shots and explosions in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, for instance, were as loud as we wanted them to be. Meanwhile, in a much quieter and more tension-fuelled game like Resident Evil: Village, we never failed to stay chilled at the sound of an icy footstep or creak of the door. Overall, we wouldn’t say the TX70 quite reaches crystal-clear levels of audio quality, yet it is impressive for a stereo headset. If only the earcups were a bit more reliable at locking this sound in.

Gioteck TX70 wireless headset – Comfort

The TX70 is largely made of light black plastic, which is an excellent choice as it means it can rest snuggly on your head but could’ve risked it feeling quite cheap. Luckily, that’s not the case, as Gioteck’s inclusion of a soft-touch black finish on any outward facing component and extremely comfortable ear cushions help it maintain quite a premium feel. The flip-down microphone is also neatly tucked away – so much that you would never know it was there at first glance. It does stay in your periphery whenever is in use, but never to the point of annoyance. Needless to say, for most heads the Gioteck TX70 should stay relatively comfortable.

Gioteck TX70 wireless headset – Price

With a £49.99 RRP, the Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset is a great deal considering the solid degree of sound it provides. True it may fall down a little for players that prefer a larger earcup and full-blown surround sound, but considering that this is wireless and offers a staggeringly impressive 15 hours of battery life, you could do a lot worse than the Gioteck TX70. Relatively affordable wireless Bluetooth headsets don’t come much better.


The TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset is a relatively affordable solution for gamers that want to play PS4 and PS5 totally wirelessly without having to re-mortgage their home. The earcups aren't the best in that they're small while still letting sound seep out if you turn your head too much, but it's more than made up for by the 15-hour battery life, 50mm drivers and sleek aesthetic. 

  • + Pros
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Sleek and elegant matte black aesthetic
  • Flip-down mic is unobtrusive
  • Easy to set up flawlessly on PS4 and PS5
  • - Cons
  • Earcups are small and don't totally lock in sound
  • Only wired use with Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Get the best price for the Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Gaming Headset

Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Headset For PS5/PS4

Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Stereo Headset For PS5/PS4

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