PDP sheds light on new Pokémon and Borderlands accessories arriving in Europe this Winter

Having already revealed a fresh line-up of gaming headsets and charging systems coming later this year, manufacturer PDP has now announced that it’ll also be treating players to plenty more licensed tie-in game products, too, following on from the success of the replica of Gears 5’s Lancer replica. New accessories centred around Borderlands and Pokémon will be leading the charge, giving players even more ways to pay homage to their favourite game franchises.

If looting and shooting things in Borderlands 3 is your thing, you’ll absolutely want to feast your eyes on PDP’s 1:1 scale prop replica Maliwan pistol. It’s a fully faithful life-sized prop based on one of the rarest and most powerful weapons in the game, containing rotating ammo cartridges and functioning switches that should suit any dedicated Borderlands collector. The replica Maliwan pistol even includes light and sound effects as seen in Borderlands 3, letting purchasers adapt the brightness and sound volume to their preferred setting with just the turn of a dial.

PDP isn’t one to just create game products to drool over, however, also manufacturing goodies that enhance the act of play. Super Smash Bros. aficionados needn’t look further than as the newly revealed Pokémon version of the Wired Fight Pad Pro, for example, which authentically replicates the classic Gamecube controller design for Nintendo Switch with some lovely Pichu stylings. Both this and the Jigglypuff version will be released at the same time, letting players customised their preferred play style.

Will these Pokémon and Borderlands accessories make a dent in your wallet? The full range of PDP’s new licensed game line-up will arrive this Winter. Stay tuned until then.

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