Super Smash Bros Ultimate cheapest deals and lowest prices

Super Smash Bros Ultimate cheapest deals and lowest prices

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Super Smash Bros has been one of Nintendo’s most enduring, popular series. Originally launched on the N64, we’ve had several versions since, and the Gamecube version still enjoys huge numbers of players as one of the premier competitive fighting games.

As the name suggests, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the pinnacle of the series. Bringing together every single character who has ever featured in the series (along with a few newcomers), as well as updated beloved features such as each character’s final smash, Smash Bros Ultimate promises to be a truly epic clash.

No matter if you love Link, Mario, Kirby or any one of other 60 other iconic Nintendo characters, prepare for an epic battle on the Nintendo Switch!

A look at the starting character roster in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate earns its title as being the most robust, character-complete version of the classic Nintendo crossover fighting series. It features every single playable character that has previously appeared in prior titles, but you’ll need to dedicate time to unlocking them. There are myriad ways to unlock your favourite fighters.

Before you garner access to all 74 of them, however, it’s worth getting a feel for how Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s starting roster of characters handle and feel to play. After all, these eight icons were all that were available when the series launched 20 years ago. Here’s a look at what they can offer you when first starting out on the road to ass-kicking Super Smash Bros Ultimate victory!


“It’s-a-him” the man with the moustache and red cap! Nintendo’s star icon has always been a great all-rounder in the Super Smash Bros games, offering pretty good range with his fireball attack as well as a nice fall recovery thanks to his Super Jump Punch. Needless to say, Mario is a solid character to pick when you’re first starting out.


The saviour of Hyrule is the only sword-based character present in Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s line-up, and even then, he offers a lot more flexibility than, say, a Fire Emblem character like Marth or Roy. His reliable bow shoots arrows at a good distance, as does his Gale Boomerang, and his upward spin makes light work of managing enemies.

Link Super Smash

Samus Super Smash


The standard suited version of Metroid’s intergalactic bounty hunter is still quite spritely, making it easy to get the jump on many of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s heavier characters. Her beam attack can cause a lot of devastation when charged fully and unleashed, and her upwards Screw Attack is great for juggling enemies high as well as recovering from falls.


Mario’s trusty dinosaur sidekick is all about making an omelette of his enemies, all thanks to his move set centring around eggs. He can eat up foes and spit them out to keep them trapped for a short time. This gives you free reign to kick them off at the next possible opportunity. Yoshi is also dangerous when up high, where his Yoshi Bomb causes much damage.

Yoshi Super Smash

Pikachu Super Smash


Pokemon’s most famous creature might feature in Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s starting roster, but over the years he’s become quite the preferred fighter for professionals competing in tournaments. This is because the majority of his electric-based attacks can case major issues for people when unleashed repeatedly, he’s spritely, and his side + B Skull Bash can launch enemies far off course.


Kirby’s ability to inhale enemies and make use of their respective powers stays fully intact for the little pink blob’s appearance is here – meaning there’s 74 unique skills he can use in addition to his own. His natural floaty nature means he’s great for players that would otherwise struggle to recover usually, and his hammer flip makes him a dangerous threat when up close.

Kirby Super Smash

Donkey Kong Super Smash

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the first heavy-set character available to you when first starting out in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and new players should get by just fine even with his general Giant Punch slam. He’s slow moving due to his size, but the counter balance to this is that most of his moves hit hard when they do land. Be weary of his poor recovery, though.


Starfox’s titular space pirate has been a reliable Super Smash Bros mainstay over the years, and it’s no different for his appearance in Ultimate. He is one of the faster characters, right up there with Samus and Pikachu, sporting good range thanks to his standard blaster attack. His Fox Illusion dash attack, however, is a bit unwieldly but lets him cover good ground exceptionally fast.

Starfox Super Smash

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