November’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

November’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

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The end of the month means its time to discuss what freebies PS Plus and Games with Gold subscribers have to look forward to. November is obviously notable for marking the release of next-gen consoles obviously, so it’s also our first opportunity to see how PS Plus titles on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X will be handled going forward, too. Something tells us that most PS Plus members will be happy with November 2020’s results, while Games with Gold members has a bit more of a mixed bag.

PS Plus games for November 2020

In a nutshell, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War are your free PlayStation Plus games on PS4 and early PS5 players can fully devote themselves to Bugsnax for no added cost. The latter is also coming to PlayStation 4, but it is indeed only the next-gen version available to subscribers. Both PS4 games will be available to download from November 3rd while Bugsnax becomes available on PS5 launch day November 19th until Monday January 4th.

Here’s a brief breakdown about all three of November 2020’s PS Plus games:

Bugsnax: PlayStation 5’s very first PS Plus title is one that’s had players humming and singling along to its theme tune ever since it was first announced. In practice, Bugsnax tasks you to explore the colourful island of Snaktooth while trying to hunt down and catch as many critters as possible. It’s a first-person adventure with a difference – and the perfect journey to enjoy as a family on your household’s new PS5 console.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition: This era of games has seen the metroidvania genre truly take hold of players, but Hollow Knight stands head and shoulders above most thanks to its eerily creepy art style and infinitely explorable underground world. It’s a 2D explorative platformer that will test your combat ability, letting you unlock skills, new weapons and fresh movement abilities to constantly pick away at this world littered with bugs. Solve the mystery of Hallownest on November 3rd.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War: This 2017 follow up to Monoloth’s original open-world action game set years before the main Lord of the Rings trilogy is bigger, bolder with plenty or orc-slaying opportunities. Talion once again returns as the game’s protagonist who must go behind enemy lines and build up an army to defeat the Dark Lord Sauron and his legion of Ringwraiths. Fans of Assassin’s Creed and meaty action-RPGs will find all they need in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on November 3rd.

Sony clearly isn’t playing around when it comes to this month’s crop of PS Plus games, adding a PS5 freebie into the equation alongside two critically acclaimed PS4 releases. If this does mark the end of the PS4 era, what a bunch to go out on.

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Games with Gold for November 2020

November’s Games with Gold crop seems pretty business as usual at first glance, consisting of two Xbox One games and two legacy Xbox titles from previous systems that can be played on Microsoft’s current and next-gen systems. Unlike PlayStation’s selection which includes a dedicated free game for PS5, it doesn’t seem like Games with Gold members are set to receive a similar treatment. Even still, all four titles run the gamut of different genres. It all begins on November 1st.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold title arriving in November:

Aragami: Shadow Edition: Stealth game fans will absolutely want to download Argami: Shadow Edition when it becomes available on November 1st. This indie cult classic challenges you to infiltrate camps and dispatch enemies from within the shadows, enabling the titular stealth master to do so with a range of mystical powers. Plus, the Shadow Edition features the Nightfall prequel as well as the base game, both of which can be played cross-platform in online multiplayer.

Swimsanity!: When you think of online multiplayer shooters you likely don’t picture them taking place underwater, but that’s exactly the case in this incredibly inventive indie. Swimsanity! Allow splayers to team up with four friends and get to grips with a variety of unique weapons, battling it out against one another or blasting through 150 challenges in 8 game modes that are full of variety. Looking for a different type of competitive and co-op shooter? Give Swimsanity! A go. It becomes available on November 16th.

Full Spectrum Warrior: This original Xbox classic is very much a natural predeesccor to something like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, except Full Spectrum Warrior also has a layer of strategy built in. This is because you must command Alpha and Bravo squadrons to complete missions effectively and to a high standard, engaging in urban warfare as needed. Full Spectrum Warrior is free to download for Games with Gold members on November 1st.

LEGO Indiana Jones: Because there’s no such thing as owning too many LEGO games, Games with Gold subscribers will be able to download and play the first LEGO Indiana Jones on November 16th. Charmingly recreating the events of the first three movies in Brick form, either when playing alone or with a friend by your side LEGO Indiana Jones won’t fail to put a smile on your face. Build, bash and battle your way from Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Last Crusade in this early Xbox 360 classic.

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