New Official PS5 Slim Bundles available to order!

New Official PS5 Slim Bundles available to order!

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We've been patiently waiting for the first PS5 Slim bundles and now they're here seemingly out of nowhere. Two new PS5 Slim bundles have popped up on the PlayStation Direct store, one for the disc model and one for the all-digital model and are available to order right now. These new bundles contain an extra DualSense controller so they're ideal for those of you who're going to be playing your console in some 2-player PS5 games or if you just like having a spare controller for when a buddy comes over. Let's get into how much these new bundles are and exactly what you'll be getting.

PS5 Slim Disc Version Two Wireless Controller Bundle

First, let's start with the PS5 Slim disc version bundle. This model has a disc tray meaning you can play both physical and digital games and the RRP of the console alone is £479.99. This new bundle contains an extra DualSense controller and is priced at £529.99. This means you're getting an extra controller for £50. You can't get a DualSense controller that cheap right now but we have seen them drop to as little as £34.99 during certain sale periods. This means this bundle isn't exactly the best value but it has just been released, over time you can expect some retailers to potentially offer some discounts on the bundle making it a bit more tantalising. Make sure you keep your eye on our PS5 Slim price comparison for when those price drops occur!

The PS5 Slim is approximately 30% smaller than the original PS5 model and it comes with 175GB more SSD storage which is around a 20% increase from the base model. It's the way to go now if you're in the market for a PS5 console, there's no reason to go for the older model outside of if it's heavily discounted.

To recap:

  • Saving around £10 here instead of buying a PS5 Slim disc + DualSense Controller separately.
  • May be worth waiting for a discount on this bundle.
  • Great bundle for those of you who play co-op/split-screen regularly.
  • PS5 Slim is the way to go now with the older models slowly being phased out.


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PS5 Slim: 2 x Dualsense Controllers

PlayStation 5 Slim Console Including 2 x DualSense Controllers

In Stock

PS5 Slim Digital Version Two Wireless Controller Bundle

So now the new PS5 Slim Digital bundle. Pretty much the same deal here but at a lower price as a result of the PS5 Slim Digital being a cheaper console. Keep in mind the PS5 Slim Digital will not play physical games unless you buy a separate disc drive which RRPs at around £90. A PS5 Slim Digital will usually set you back £389.99 (it is very rare for this model to get discounted) and this bundle is £439.99 so just like with the disc version bundle, you're getting a DualSense Controller thrown in for around £50. Of the two new bundles, this one is slightly less likely to receive discounts as that just tends to be the way with the digital PS5s, even the older model has rarely ever moved from its RRP.

The PS5 Slim Digital is also around 30% smaller than the original Digital PS5 model and has 175GB extra SSD storage which is vital for those digital titles!

To recap:

  • Saving around £10 here instead of buying a PS5 Slim Digital + DualSense Controller separately.
  • This bundle is quite unlikely to see any big discounts.
  • Ideal bundle if you play a lot of co-op/split-screen and primarily play games digitally
  • PS5 Slim Digital is the way to go if you want a digital PS5 as the older PS5 Digital Edition is very hard to come by and is effectively the same price for a larger console with less storage.
  • You can always buy a PS5 Disc Drive separately later on for your PS5 Slim Digital if you wish to play physical games.

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PS5 Slim Digital Edition: 2 x Dualsense Controllers

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition Console Including 2 x Dualsense Controllers

In Stock
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