New Minecraft and PUBG Xbox One bundles arrive

It's been a bit quiet on the new bundle front over the last couple of months. With a lack of truly major titles coming out, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have been keeping their powder dry in preparation for the festive rush at the end of the year, when we're likely to see a bunch of new tie-ins to coincide with some of the major games coming out.

However, we do have word from Microsoft that we're getting a couple of new bundles for summer. We say new - they're actually variations on bundles we've seen in the past.

First up, we're getting a new Minecraft bundle. There's already three options for Xbox Minecraft bundles, making picking the right one a bit tricky:

  • A 500GB Xbox with the base game (this is typically hard to find now, having been effectively replaced by the below 500GB bundle)
  • A special edition 1TB Xbox with the base game. Comes with a Minecraft Creeper controller and exclusive Minecraft edition console
  • A 500GB Xbox with the Minecraft Explorer's Pack version of the base game, Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure and a code to redeem 3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership

The new bundle comes with:

  • A standard white 1TB Xbox One S, with controller
  • Minecraft basic game with the Update Aquatic expansion included
  • Season one of Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure
  • 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold membership
  • 1 month of Xbox Game Pass

At present, it's not clear if this bundle is designed to replace the existing Minecraft bundles.

Secondly, and more intriguingly, we're getting another PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds bundle. We've already got one with a 1TB One S, and now we've got our first proper Xbox One X bundle. We've had a couple of bundles before, but they've been very low-key; this is the first with proper box art.

That said, the bundle still only comes with a standard One X and black controller, along with 1 month of Xbox Live and 1 month of Game Pass.

Check out our Xbox One deals page to find the best offers on these new bundles and more!

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