Why you shouldn't be put off by the PS5 price hike

Why you shouldn't be put off by the PS5 price hike

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On the 25th August 2022, Sony announced that they will be increasing the RRP of the PlayStation 5 in select regions due to the effects of the global market. This means that the price of the PS5 is rising from £450 to £479.99 for the disc version, and from £360 to £389.99 for the digital edition. While a price increase of any sort may initially spell doom-and-gloom, for those looking to get a PS5, this may surprisingly yield some positive results.

Why the £30 PS5 price hike shouldn’t put you off:

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Bundle

Everybody at GamingDeals.com wants to find the best prices on games and consoles, and a product rising by £30 is something we definitely don’t like. However, while we’d much prefer a £30 decrease, it’s not nearly as bad as it first seems.

Sony has pledged to increase PS5 stock

Of course Sony couldn’t kick down the door, announce the already expensive PS5 was going up in price and then leave. They had to bring something else to the table - and that was the announcement that they are increasing PS5 supply around the world. Of course this was something they were going to do anyway, but it’s a nice reassurance. With the increased supply and the increased price, we’ll likely see consoles sell out much slower than before. This could mean that if you’re happy to fork out the extra £30, it will be easier than ever to finally get your hands on the big console.

It’s still a reasonable price

While £480 is a lot of money for a console, if you compare it to the price of high-end PCs, it’s not as steep as it seems. For example, £500 for a PC is considered a budget option. In that price range, you’re able to run most new games on low-medium graphics settings, but it still doesn’t come close to the PS5’s power. For a PC that’s equal to the power of the PS5, you’re looking at £800+ easy. If you want a simple and reliable piece of hardware to play games (and aren’t interested in an Xbox), the PS5 is still the best value for the power it provides. That’s not even taking into account the digital version of the PS5, which is still almost £100 cheaper than the disc edition. 

Plenty of PS5 exclusives are around the corner

The main reason Sony consoles sell as well as they do is due to their incredible exclusives. And while these games are now starting to appear on PC platforms years after their initial release, if you want to experience them when they’re fresh and new, you’ll need a PS5. 
Already, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart showcased the power of the PS5 at launch. Then this year we’ve had Horizon Forbidden West treat players with gorgeous graphics and nail-biting gameplay. Then, the blockbuster to end all blockbusters; God of War: Ragnarok is releasing in November. The future is even brighter with Forspoken, Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy XVI being PS5 console exclusives on launch. The biggest games are on the PS5, and even with a price hike, if you’re a console gamer it’s still worth considering a purchase.

GamingDeals.com can always get you the best price

Our site is built with the sole purpose of getting you the best price on games and consoles. While the PS5’s price is rising by £30, we can make sure that you are still getting the best price from our trusted retailers. If you keep an eye on our PS5 comparison page, you may even find it below the RRP before long. With prices rising, it’s more important than ever to compare  deals before you purchase, and GamingDeals.com is your one-stop location for price comparison on all things gaming. It’s also a handy way to find out where PS5 stock is, so keep checking back to get the best deals possible.

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How do you feel about the PS5 price hike? Leave us a comment below or chat to us on our Discord. We want to hear your opinions. If you've already got a PS5, learn about the recently announced customisable DualSense Edge that hopes to change the controller game.

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