Sony's newly announced customisable DualSense Edge hopes to change the game

Sony's newly announced customisable DualSense Edge hopes to change the game

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While Microsoft have been ahead of the curve when it comes to high-performance ‘professional-quality’ controllers, Sony have never seemed interested in producing anything of the sort. That is until now. 
PS5 gamers that want to step up their game can now look forward to playing with the newly announced DualSense Edge. But what does the Edge provide that the standard DualSense controller doesn’t?

What makes the DualSense Edge different?

DualSense Edge Front Promo

Customisable controls

Like any good pro controller, the DualSense Edge allows you to change the sensitivity of your thumbsticks to ensure it perfectly matches your precise preference. You can also set the sensitivity of the DualSense Edge’s triggers to give you the response you’re looking for. Truly, this is a controller that caters to you.

On-controller interface

You don’t need to stop your game to tweak your settings. The DualSense Edge has a dedicated function button that allows you to either balance your audio or swap between your controller profiles while you’re in-game. You can also use the function button to bring up the controller settings so you can easily change sensitivity without having to properly stop the match. 

Easily swappable stick caps and back buttons

The DualSense Edge has three interchangeable stick caps for your comfort. These come in standard, high dome, and low dome. The back buttons can also be swapped from half-domes to levers depending on what you find more comfortable and responsive. In addition, the two back buttons can be used as any other button input if needed. This allows you to make the DualSense Edge a controller that will be perfect for you to play with. 

Replaceable stick modules

Unfortunately as is the case with modern controllers, the sticks and their mechanics get worn down and eventually start behaving less reliably the more they are used. Fortunately, Sony have recognised this with the DualSense Edge and will offer replacement stick modules that can be easily replaced if the ones on the controller stop functioning as well as they should. While it would be good to figure out a way to stop sticks breaking in the way that they do, this is an option for those that don’t want to buy a whole new controller when it does happen.

Multiple controller profiles

Of course you’ll want to customise your controller preferences with each game you play. Your precise settings for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will probably be pretty bad when you swap over to Gotham Knights. Thankfully, the DualSense Edge allows you to set multiple profiles, so you can switch and swap depending on the game or situation you find yourself in.

Retains DualSense wireless controller features

As to be expected, the DualSense Edge still has all of the features of the standard DualSense. Haptic feedback, built in microphone, motion controls and all the other good stuff is still here. Just now the controller itself has more features for you to play with. You’re not missing anything by using a DualSense Edge over the standard DualSense. It’s an upgrade in every sense.

Includes a useful carrying case

Thankfully with all the replaceable parts, it’s good to know that every DualSense Edge comes with a comfortable carrying case. This allows you to keep all the removable bits together as well as take the controller with you should you want to use it away from home. A subtle but nice inclusion is that the carrying case allows you to charge the controller while it's tucked away, providing a perfect way to keep the controller safe when it's not in use, yet ensuring it’s ready to go when you are.

DualSense Edge 2 Side Promo

Sony are hoping to make big waves with their first foray into professional-level controllers, and while they have some competition, they’re confident that the DualSense Edge is exactly what top-tier players are looking for. Currently no price or release date has been announced, but like with the PSVR2, we’re bound to learn more very soon. 

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