10% off the new PS5 Slim at Hamleys. Now priced at £431.99 down from £479.99. Deal ends 10th of December

10% off the new PS5 Slim at Hamleys. Now priced at £431.99 down from £479.99. Deal ends 10th of December
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The first real big discount we've seen on the PS5 Slim console has come thanks to Hanleys today. Dropping the price of the latest PS5 model to just £431.99, which is a decent saving considering it's £479.99 RRP. This is the disc tray model PS5 Slim, not the digital.

This offer is only going to be available until 11:59 PM on the 10th of December or until the stock runs out.

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PS5 Slim £431.99 at Hamleys
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