Everything announced during last night's Inside Xbox livestream event

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As expected, last night's Inside Xbox livestream didn't disappoint in terms of its fair share of new looks and announcements. If only it wasn't somewhat overshadowed by Sony rather cheekily showing off a new bit of hardware in the PS5 DualSense controller. However, if you're primarily an Xbox One player there was still plenty to be excited about. Most of which we've briefly summed up in the points below:

Grounded gets a new gameplay trailer

We mentioned in the original article that Microsoft promised us a tease for its upcoming first-party exclusive, Grounded. Setting players off within the wide and mysterious world of, erm... their back garden, the game recieved an all-new trailer yesterday showcasing what's in store for the single-player experience. Obsidian Entertainment’s Game Director, Adam Brennecke and Social Media Manager, Shyla Schofield also stuck around to answer some player questions.

A discussion on Xbox Series X's newly unveiled specs

there was no way Microsoft would be able to put on an entire livestream and presentation without at least touching upon Xbox Series X in some way. This came in the form of an in-depth discussion shared between Major Nelson and  Jason Ronald, Director of Product Management on Xbox Series X, which more openly broke down what the recently revealed tech specs means for players. You can listen to the full discussion below:

Sea of Thieves' Ships of Fortune update sets sail soon

Sea of Thieves continues to be one of the most popular shared online multiplayer games out there, especially right now without everyone home and safe. Well, last night Sea of Thieves players were able to get their first look at the new Ships of Fortune update set to be rolled out on April 22nd, which will add depth to the trade companies and offer a slew of boosted rewards to seek out and plunder. Take a look at what Ships of Fortune will bring:

More ID@Xbox Games coming to Xbox One soon

Previously announced via March's recent Nintendo Direct Mini, The Last Campfire by Hello Games was one of many new ID@Xbox titles that were spotlighted as part of yesterday's presentation. This marked the first time we got to see gameplay for it. Following that, Atomicrops got a shout out as its coming to the platform, and Hotline Miami Collection was also surprise announced to be launching there and then. If you're an Xbox One player who loves a good indie game, Inside Xbox definitely had you covered.

Original article:

If all the Nintendo Direct Mini excitement wasn’t enough for you a few weeks ago, Microsoft is now making the most of everyone being at home with a new Inside Xbox Livestream set to begin at 10pm tonight. The console maker didn’t give away too many details on what to expect, but it was confirmed that more news will be revealed in relation to Xbox exclusive titles like Grounded, Sea of Thieves and Gears Tactics.

News of this now first-party focused Inside Xbox livestream was announced yesterday over on the official Xbox Wire, where in addition to these individual game teases Microsoft also promised “some surprises from our ID@Xbox team and more”. Could we see an entirely new game revealed? It’s possible. But the good news is that we don’t have to wait very long to find out.

In any case, it’ll be good to get a better look at Grounded, which will act as the first Xbox exclusive game developed by Obsidian Entertainment since Microsoft announced that it had purchased the studio at E3 2019. The Irvine-based team already achieved great success with the release of Fallout-esque The Outer Worlds late last year, but Grounded is being developed by a noticeably smaller team. Casting players within a group of friends that have been “shrunken to the size of an ant”, it’s a rather charming-looking survival game set to release soon. We also know that Grounded will be the first Xbox Game Preview title available via Game Pass.

Also planned for this Inside Xbox is a discussion with Microsoft’s director of platform management Jason Ronald, who will take a deep dive and talk openly about the recently revealed Xbox Series X tech specs. However, as this entire presentation will be largely gamer facing, don’t expect too much computer jargon.

The Inside Xbox stream begins at 10pm over on Microsoft’s official Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook. We’ll update this post tomorrow morning with all the newly revealed information.

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