All the games being added to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022 (Updated)

All the games being added to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022 (Updated)

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Summer’s over! Depending on whether you’re a parent or not, these last hot few weeks have likely either gone far too fast or have dragged their feet. Regardless, normalcy is within your grasp.

As August fades and September rushes in, more titles are being added to the ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass. To stay updated and maybe find your favourite game this month, have a look at our breakdown below.

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September:

September 1st: GRID Legends

The newest GRID game - 2022’s GRID Legends throws you into the racing world of your dreams. This game allows you to create your own events, mixing and matching vehicles to make a set of perfectly imperfect races. With chaos and destruction at the core, GRID Legends is a treat for those racers that like to claw, fight and scrape their way to the finish line. Whatever you want to do, whatever wacky race you want to embrace, GRID Legends allows it. With up to 21 players per race, GRID Legends is an excellent game to try on Xbox Game Pass this September.

September 6th: Disney Dreamlight Valley

Animal Crossing meets your favourite animated characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, releasing day 1 on Xbox Game Pass. Recruit Disney characters to your valley and solve their problems, trying to push out a dark force that threatens the entire village. Your usual gameplay loop is seen here, complete tasks, farm resources, expand your valley, and meet new characters. Animal Crossing fans and Disney fans will be happy with this addition to the Xbox Game Pass in September

September 6th: Train Sim World 3

Also launching day 1 on Xbox Game Pass, Train Sim World 3 is the latest for train enthusiasts that want to mess around with a huge variety of high-powered trains. There are plenty of varied routes, more trains than you could shake a comptroller at, and dynamic weather to really mix up your game. The best bit is that all Train Sim World 2 content is available to play in this new game, so it’s an upgrade in every meaning of the word.

September 6th: Opus Magnum

Unique puzzle game Opus Magnum lets you build an alchemical machine. You put together complex pieces in order to create potions and poisons. If you want a head-scratching and challenging experience, you have to give Opus Magnum a try.

September 13th: Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

This sci-fi real-time strategy game lets you command entire armies as you conquer varied worlds across the galaxy. With hundreds of units at your beck and call, each fight turns into a laser-blasting spectacle that makes every battle dynamic and exciting.

September 13th: DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace

For a fun colourful adventure, The Adventures of Krypto and Ace ties into the new animated movie. Fly through quick stages and blast evil robots who hope to take over the world.

September 14th: You Suck at Parking

Launching on Game Pass on day 1, You Suck at Parking is a racing game. A racing game where you have to park. With dozens of silly vehicles and stages that will boggle your mind, You Suck at Parking is a great game for those that want a hilarious driving experience.

September 15th: Despot's Game

Play as an evil AI overlord and make humans fight for your entertainment. This rouge-like tactical battler has you recruit your army of humans to fight all manner of beasts in unique dungeons.

September 15th: Metal: Hellsinger

Coming to Game Pass day 1, Metal Hellsinger is a brutal bullet-hell doom-like shooter where you blast away demonic creatures to the beat of some of the best metal music out there. Shoot, headbang, and rock on September 15th.

September 20th: DEATHLOOP

The rumours are true, Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox Consoles and to game pass. You can download and play this previous PlayStation exclusive starting September 20th. Your time has come!

September 22nd: Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines Artwork

The next day 1 addition is the cute animal adventure game Beacon Pines. In a multipath story that changes based on your decisions, you play as a narrator who decides what the characters do next. Will you lead the characters to uncover the secret their looking to find, or will you just get them into more trouble? Discover Beacon Pines on September 22nd, on Xbox Game Pass.

September 22nd: Slime Rancher 2

The original Slime Rancher was a big favourite among gamers at the time that wanted a different take on puzzle games. Now Slime Rancher 2 is hoping to ignite the scene again with its bigger experience, beautiful visuals, and exciting new mechanics. It launches soon, and will make a perfect entry to the Xbox Game Pass in September.

September 27th: Grounded Full Release

Grounded has been in early access for a long time, but as of September 27th, it’s launching officially! This brings new content to the already huge game. If you haven’t tried this unique survival game out for a little while, September 27th is your time to get shrunk down and grounded. 

September 27th: Moonscars

The final game coming to Xbox Game Pass in September is another day 1 addition. Moonscars is a Metroidvania with rogue-like elements. With a sleek but retro aesthetic, this is a beautiful game that harkens back to games of eras passed. Test your skills, find new weapons, die, learn and repeat. This is Moonscars.

September 29th: Valheim

Coming to PC game pass is the explosively popular Norse survival sim Valheim. A console version will be coming to game pass some time in 2023, but until then, you can enjoy this game on PC starting September 29th.

Games leaving Game Pass (September 15th)

As with every month, the following games will be leaving Game Pass on September 15th.

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Aragami 2
  • Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
  • Craftopia
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson
  • The Artful Escape
  • I Am Fish
  • SkateBIRD
  • Mighty Goose
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page


Xbox Game Pass Promo

Xbox Game Pass just keeps getting better and better, and with the news of the PS5’s price increasing, Microsoft’s systems seem more enticing for customers that haven’t made the next-gen jump yet. 
Have any of the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September interested you? Let us know in our comments. 

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