Top 10 Upcoming PS5 Games

Top 10 Upcoming PS5 Games

In the grand scheme of things, the PS5 is only just getting started. Its best games and days are still yet to come. With so many games coming out on the horizon, it can be hard to keep a track of what to look out for. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. 
If you’re lucky enough to own a PS5, don’t miss out on these top 10 upcoming PS5 games.

10) Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed

Release date: 30th August 2022

Destroy All Humans is an interesting franchise. Never really hitting the heights of other games of the time, it was quickly forgotten about by the gaming community at large. But the people that love the insanity of this alien simulator have always begged for more. In 2020, a remake of the original game was released across all major consoles. Now, its sequel - packed with way more features than the original Destroy All Humans 2, is coming to the PS5, and it’s going to use all the new power that comes with releasing on a next-generation console. 
If you like open world games where you can explore freely and make as much chaos as possible - you’ll agree that Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed is one of the top upcoming PS5 games.

9) Sonic Frontiers

Release date: 2022

The biggest Sonic game ever is coming for fans of the smart-mouthed hedgehog. Utilising the PS5’s incredible loading times, zipping around the ‘open zones’ at the speed of sound will be an easy feat on the latest PlayStation console. If you like massive adventures, or just want to catch up with Sonic’s latest story, this is the top upcoming PS5 game for you.

8) Skull and Bones

Release date: 2022

The intense multiplayer pirate simulator Skull and Bones may actually come out this year if we cross our fingers hard enough. Though it was shown off first in 2017, all signs look like 2022 is when we will finally get to work with our friends to raid the high-seas on the PS5. 
If you imagine a more intense Sea of Thieves, but with realistic graphics and backed by the power of the PS5, you’ll see why this is one of the top upcoming PS5 games.

7) Forspoken

Release date: 11th October 2022

This unique action-RPG from Square Enix puts you in the trainers of Frey, a woman torn from modern day New York and thrown into a rich fantasy world. Blessed with powers that enable her to perform incredible feats, she’s quickly called upon to aid the people around her while she figures out how to get home. With mind blowing graphics and fast-paced combat, it’s not hard to imagine why this PS5 console exclusive is one of our top upcoming PS5 games.

6) Saints Row

Release date: 23rd August

The PS5 loves big open worlds. While we wait to see what the rumoured GTA VI may look like, thankfully we’ve got the rebooted Saints Row to tide us over. Tear through a beautiful world with quick loading times and powerful, impressive graphics on the PS5. With one of the most involved character customisation systems in gaming, Saints Row is going to be a treat for PS5 gamers, and definitely one of the top upcoming games for the console.

5) Hogwarts Legacy

Release date: 2022

Another massive adventure and another massive release, Hogwarts Legacy allows you to explore, discover and unravel the mysterious wizarding world. With brilliant graphics, refined combat and the mystique that a Harry Potter story always brings, this is easily one of the top upcoming PS5 games.

4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Release date: 28th October 2022

Taking the original Modern Warfare 2 and cranking everything up several notches, this reboot/sequel is an easy buy for PS5 gamers that love military shooters. With fast-paced multiplayer, a gripping campaign and even a co-op mode, Modern Warfare II is not to be missed. Gawk over the beautiful explosions rendered on your powerful PS5 when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II launches in October.

3) Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Release date: 2023

The PS5 runs incredibly - even when there are lots of things happening at once. In this four player co-op game, you and three friends will play as the Suicide Squad, and will be fighting alongside each other against countless enemies. With your own styles, weapons and techniques, this is a game that will become messy fast. Yet, thanks to the power of the PS5, not a frame will be dropped as your screen fills up with the bodies of your fallen foes. Superhero fan or not, this is a top upcoming PS5 game for any co-op loving gamer. 

2) God of War Ragnarök

Release date: 2022

How God of War Ragnarök is launching on the PS4 is beyond me. From what little we’ve seen of this game, Ragnarök was made for the PS5 through-and-through. Journey as Kratos across lands born from Norse mythology with some of the best graphics seen on the console to date. Smash varied foes as you teach your son the ways of survival in this unforgiving land. 
Shrouded in mystery, with each passing day, God of War Ragnarök deserves a place more and more on our list of top upcoming PS5 games.

1) The Last of Us: Part 1

Release date: 9th September 2022

Launching much sooner than anybody ever expected, The Last of Us: Part 1 has made the masterpiece PlayStation game even better. With graphics now on-par with The Last of Us: Part 2, smarter AI, tighter combat, and still the great story and performances we know and love, if you have a PS5 and have never played The Last of Us before, you can’t miss out. This game has been championed for so many years for a reason. And it’s for that reason why it’s the top upcoming PS5 game - even though it’s coming in September!

There are plenty more games releasing soon. To keep up to date with them all, check out our list of all upcoming games.

Which game are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments.

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