Upcoming Xbox Exclusives for 2023 - Starfield, Stalker 2, Redfall and more.

Upcoming Xbox Exclusives for 2023 - Starfield, Stalker 2, Redfall and more.

In all honesty, Xbox didn't have the best of years when it came to exclusives in 2022, whilst they did have some smaller outings like Grounded which has been very well received when it comes to big blockbuster titles they were nowhere to be seen. This was a result of a large number of delays pushing games into 2023 and potentially beyond, although this makes the last year a bit sparse as an Xbox player looking for exclusives it's ultimately the right thing to do for developers to ensure that the best product gets put in the hand of the consumers and we'd also hope that staff on these projects are not going through large amounts of crunch as well with the delays but obviously that's no certainty. This quiet 2022 however has led to 2023 looking rather stacked for big releases as long as we don't see too many more delays; so let's keep our fingers crossed that 2023 is gonna be a great year for Xbox owners!

One of the most eagerly anticipated Xbox exclusive games that is currently slated for 2023 is of course Bethesda's Starfield, the first Bethesda Game Studios title to be released since the Microsoft acquisition. It's been 8 long years now since the release of Fallout 4 which was met with a rather mixed reception from fans, this long hiatus has led to Starfield gathering a galactic hype train as a story of exploration and travel amongst the stars is definitely piquing interest. As long as there aren't too many delays this year we could also be seeing games like Redfall, STALKER 2, Forza Motorsport 8 and many more. There are also some tangible titles like FABLE which has seen little more than its initial trailer but we won't be expecting this in 2023 but hey sometimes Microsoft loves a surprise so never rule it out.

So with all that said let's get into the best upcoming 2023 Xbox exclusives that you can look forward to. Keep in mind that games in this list may be delayed and others may pop up over the year. All the games on this list are yet to receive actual release dates and have just been given a broad date right now, we will update these as more information becomes available. All games on this list will also be available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and will most certainly play best on the Xbox Series X.

Best Xbox Exclusives coming in 2023 in release order (click to jump to a specific title):

If you're looking for other platform exclusive releases for 2023 or just a list of all the  biggest titles we've got you covered with these articles:


Redfall combat and abilities screenshot, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2nd May 2023
Developer: Arkane Austin
: Bethesda Softworks
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Trailer: Redfall Gameplay Reveal Trailer - YouTube

Bethesda Softworks developer Arkane is biting back with their vampire-filled FPS this year with Redfall. Arkane is best known for their single-player outings with Prey and Dishonored but now they're jumping into the co-op open-world shooter genre with its next big exclusive on Xbox Series S and X. The game's namesake is also the name of the city in which the game is based. Either solo or with friends you must take back the city of Redfall from the hordes of vampires that are bleeding it dry. The game will feature a full story campaign in which you will unravel the mysteries of the vampire's presence. 

First and foremost Redfall is an FPS but is definitely a diversion from what we expect from Prey and Dishonored, it looks like Redfall will have a lot more looter-shooter mechanics with characters having specific abilities and enemies dropping floods of loot for you to pilfer through. Customise your hero's loadout and squad up with up to four teammates as you hunt down the blood-hungry inhabitants of Redfall.


Ark 2 T-Rex Screenshot Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2023 (exact date TBC)
Developer: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard
Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival
Trailer: Ark 2 Trailer - YouTube

The first Ark game is one I have sunk hundreds of hours into at this point, from its early access where it ran at around 10 frames per second to now where it is filled with so many different creatures and has all-new maps each with its own ecosystems and characteristics which completely alter the flavour of the gameplay. I love Ark, I'm a fan of survival games and the whole hunting, taming and breeding of dinosaurs is just pure fun to me. Growing attached to the creatures I befriend as you build your own base and survive in a tough world just speaks to me, and therefore I'm looking forward to the sequel. 

Ark 2 is looking to take the elements we know and love from the first game and bring them forward to be a next-gen experience. Movement, combat and most of the fundamentals of the game are being redesigned to make for an all-around better experience, the original game definitely has its clunkiness so the gameplay being polished is definitely a smart move. Ark 2s progenitor was definitely enjoyed more as an online experience by many thanks to its PVP but I played primarily solo in PVE as I didn't like the idea of my base getting destroyed whilst I was at work or asleep! It seems like for players like myself ARK 2 has a lot more to offer with an epic story headed up by Vin Diesel, yes Vin Diesel is in this game, and also AI tribes that will take you on with their own dinosaur companions. If you're a fan of Ark we think you're going to enjoy the sequel in all its Unreal Engine 5 glory.


Everwild Screenshot, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2023/24 (exact date TBC)
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Genre: Action, Adventure
Trailer: Everwild Trailer - YouTube

Rare's next big project is Everwild, a new IP that was announced back in 2019. Honestly very little is known about Everwild, Rare has been really quiet during its development but there's one thing we do know and that is that the game is stunning. Everwild features a cel-shaded art style in a vast magical landscape played from the third-person perspective. We're curious to hear more about this game and what the actual gameplay will entail, the fantastic animation and art style are a great start but we need to see more.

With so little information it's hard to say if we will be seeing Everwild in 2023 or it will be falling back further to 2024 but we'll be keeping our eye on it.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport Car Close Up, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: Spring 2023 (exact date TBC)
Developer: Turn 10 Studios
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Genre: Racing, Sport, Simulation
Trailer: Forza Motorsport Official Trailer - YouTube

Forza Horizon 5 was released back in November of 2021 and is still one of the best games available on Xbox Series S and X. This year we're hoping to see what Turn 10 does with the more serious big brother Forza Motorsport series with the 8th entry in the series. 

Forza Motorsport is more grounded in reality than the Horizon series with more focus on simulation getting back on the race track as opposed to open-world exploration, meaning it's ideal for you gearheads out there. With more than 500 cars to collect, race and upgrade there's a lot of game here. Turn 10 are going absolutely crazy with Forza Motorsport when it comes to visuals and detail, if there's one thing you know with first-party exclusive car games on a new-generation console it's that they're going to be immensely detailed and really take advantage of that new hardware. There's a lot of pressure to deliver here but Turn 10 definitely has the calibre to deliver.


Ravenlok Announcement Image, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2023 (exact date TBC)
Developer: Cococucumber
Publisher: Cococucumber
Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure
Trailer: Ravenlok Announcement Trailer - YouTube

Ravenlok is an indie title that will be exclusive to Xbox which is just oozing with style. I'm a big fan of the art direction in Ravenlok which is using 3D pixel art and it's trailer shows off some awesome-looking boss and creature designs. A fairy tale setting with a female protagonist, there's a lot to like here as you explore an all-new fantasy realm in this indie darling. Ravenlok has all the markings of an action RPG with real-time combat, progression via levelling up and gathering new gear all lead you to become a stronger and more formidable force as you vanquish your foes. This indie title is looking to be a great action-packed adventure which can be enjoyed on consoles exclusively with Xbox. 

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Senua's Saga Hellblade II flaming tree screenshot, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2023 (exact date TBC)
Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Genre: Action, Adventure
Trailer: Senua's Saga Hellblade II Trailer - YouTube

It's been a couple of years now since the sequel to Hellblade: Senua's sacrifice was announced and we're hoping to see the fruits of Ninja Theory's labour in 2023. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was released to critical acclaim thanks to its rich atmosphere and great story-telling which explored aspects of mental health in a nuanced way as Senua battles with psychosis. The first game is probably one of the main reasons Microsoft chose to pick up Ninja Theory and why we will now enjoy the sequel as an Xbox exclusive.

The sequel looks to be a much bigger in scope project thanks to the resources of Microsoft as Senua's tale continues it looks like she is not getting any respite as a new threat looms. Hellblade 2 will be developed in Unreal Engine 5 meaning visually it is going to entirely eclipse its predecessor thanks to the power of this new engine. With the scope of this project, we'd expect a fantastic narrative, more depth to combat and all the things you'd expect as Hellblade becomes a more triple-A experience.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Stalker 2 in-game screenshot with abandoned helicopter, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2023 (exact date TBC)
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: GSC Game World
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter, Survival Horror
Trailer: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Reveal Trailer - YouTube

STALKER 2 has been delayed a couple of times due to the events in Ukraine where developer GSC Game World is based. GSC Game World has now withdrawn from Kyiv and moved the project to Prague and slated the game for a 2023 release date as an Xbox Series X|S console exclusive. 

The original STALKER game was released back in 2007, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth which immerses players in this quite frankly terrifying world with an exceptional story. Over a decade and a half later the game is finally getting a sequel continuing from the events of the first game but bringing the series into the current generation of gaming. Players will once again be pitted against dangerous mutants who call the exclusion zone Chernobyl home as they struggle to survive in this grim dark world, but it is perhaps the infighting of factions and non-mutants that is the greater danger. Survive the brutal world of STALKER 2: Heart of Chenobyl and enjoy it's narrative-driven shooter action later this year.


Starfield Ship on Planet Landscape, Xbox Exclusive

Release Date: 2023 (exact date TBC)
Developer:  Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher:  Bethesda Softworks
Genre:  Action, RPG
Trailer: Starfield Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer - YouTube

Bethesda Game Studios are hopefully bringing us their first new IP in over 25 years if Starfield does release in 2023, this time Bethesda is deviating to a space setting and the hype is quite literally out of this world. Set in the year 2310 Starfield mankind has explored new solar systems settling on new planets and expanding into the unknown. A colonial war has concluded 20 years prior and the participating factions are enduring a rocky peace. The protagonist of this game will be entirely customisable and be a member of the Constellation which is an organisation of galactic explorers. As a member of this group, you'll be exploring, of course, seeking rare artifacts and navigating the expanse of systems available in Starfield.

World-building and narrative will take the main stage here as expected with a huge Bethesda title like this, expect to meet many companions on your journey fulfilling their requests and uncovering not only your own story but the inhabitants of this enormous adventure. With all the hallmarks of a Bethesda game, Starfield is looking to be their most ambitious title ever and it's an Xbox Series X and S console exclusive. Will we see Starfield this year? We're certainly hoping so.


So there you have our list of some of the much-anticipated games releasing exclusively on Xbox in 2023. Frustratingly the dates here are very broad but we're hoping Microsoft and the game's respective developers give us more concrete information as the year progresses and we will update the list accordingly. This year is most certainly looking like a vast improvement when it comes to exclusives compared to the rather disappointing 2022 as an Xbox fan. Which of these exclusives as piqued your interest? Let us know below if there are any other exclusives you think deserve to be on this list.

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