The top 10 characters that need to come to MultiVersus

The top 10 characters that need to come to MultiVersus

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MultiVersus is shaping up to be an incredible experience with truly limitless possibilities. Its open beta has just started and you can jump into the fun right now and immediately play any of the starter characters.

How to get into the MultiVersus open beta?

Unlike most other betas, to get access to MultiVersus, all you need to do is find it on your appropriate console storefront and download it. There’s no waiting list or similar gatekeeping, everybody can play as of 26th July. MultiVersus is currently available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

When does the MultiVersus open beta end?

The developers of MultiVersus haven’t announced an end date for the game’s open beta. That means that this is likely more of a soft-launch to get the game into gamer’s hands as fast as possible. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress or purchases, for all intents and purposes, this is the official launch of MultiVersus and should be treated as such.

What characters are in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus Starting Roster

Before we can talk about which characters this brand new fighting game needs, we have to first know what characters are already present.
When you get access to MultiVersus, you’ll be able to play as the following characters off the bat:

Unlocked MultiVersus characters:

As soon as you start up the game, you’ll be able to play with a small sample characters. This is a rotating roster that seems to change each patch, so the following information may be outdated. However, at the time of writing, you can play as these 5 character straight off the bat. The rest of the roster you’ll have to unlock using premium currency (Gleamium) or through coins earned through battle.

Superman (DC)
Garnet (Steven Universe)
Reindog (Original Character)
Jake the Human (Adventure Time)

Previously the following chracters were freely available:

Taz the Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)
Harley Quinn
Jake the Dog
(Adventure Time)

All MultiVersus characters and costs:

Taz the Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes) (1,500 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Harley Quinn
(DC) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Jake the Dog
(Adventure Time) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
(Scooby-Doo) (1,500 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
The Iron Giant (The Iron Giant) (3,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) (3,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Steven Universe (Steven Universe) (3,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry) (3,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Velma (Scooby-Doo) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)

Batman (DC) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Finn the Human (Adventure Time) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Reindog (Original Character) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Superman (DC) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Garnet (Steven Universe) (1,500 Coins | 700 Gleamium)

LeBron James (Space Jam) (2,000 Coins | 700 Gleamium)
Wonder Woman (DC) (Unlocked by finishing the tutorial)

Announced MultiVersus characters coming soon:

Rick (Rick & Morty)
Morty (Rick & Morty)

What characters need to be added to MultiVersus?

Unlike its direct competitor Smash Brothers Ultimate, there are no restrictions when it comes to characters that can be introduced to the game. Whether the characters originate from games, movies, cartoons or - heck - are just factual people (see: LeBron James), in MultiVersus, truly EVERYBODY is here. The starting roster already has so many different colourful faces and it’s mind-boggling to think how this game is going to look a year into the future.

While I’m sure everybody has their wish list of characters that they want added into the game, I’ve taken a more realistic approach. The following ten characters are easy contenders for fighters we may see released into the game very soon.

Floating around the internet is an apparent leaked list of upcoming fighters, and while the validity of the list can’t be verified, it does look believable. Especially with the recent announcement of LeBron James and Rick and Morty as additional characters, all three of which were listed in the leak. With that in mind, I will be taking the leaked list into consideration, but will only be putting light to characters that are truly interesting. The majority of the list will be based on characters that are not mentioned in the leak.

Get your popcorn ready, this is going to be a blast!

10) Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon 2 Artwork

The issue with most fighting games is that it restricts characters to bipedal upstanding creatures. Fortunately, MultiVersus has already made it clear that four-legged friends are entirely feasible in the game. Their original character Reindog (the goodest boy) is on all fours throughout all of his attacks and movements. This means that the door is wide open for other characters who refuse to stand, like our favourite purple-scaled dragon - Spyro. For the longest time, Spyro has been a hotly requested character for Smash, but for whatever reason this witty wyvern has yet to make an appearance. MultiVersus is a lot more open and welcoming for a character like Spyro and I would be surprised if throughout the game’s lifespan we don’t get a chance to play as one of gaming’s most iconic dragons. From gliding, fire-breathing and even skateboarding, Spyro the Dragon is a character we definitely need to come to MultiVersus.

9) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

When you think of legendary western video game characters, Lara Croft should be top of that list. With her dual pistols, grappling hook and various fighting capabilities, there’s no doubt she would make for a thrilling fighter. Just imagining the voice lines where she would quip to the other crazy characters should make her a dream pick for any fan. In terms of cosmetics, you’ll struggle to find another character with so many iconic outfits and looks. Whether classic, rebooted or somewhere in between, Lara Croft needs to come to MultiVersus.

8) Optimus Prime (Transformers)

Another thing most fighting games don’t do is introduce characters that are significantly bigger than the rest. However, just like Reindog, MultiVersus has already proved that this is possible within the game. The Iron Giant is massive, as he very well should be, and while intimidating at first, still functions like your standard character. It’s with this in mind that I think we should branch away from video game legends for a moment and shine the light on the next character who we need to come to MultiVersus - Optimus Prime.
The leader of the Autobots, in theory Optimus Prime makes for a highly entertaining fighting game character. Not only can he stomp and slam, but he can also fire projectiles, transform into vehicles and be a rallying voice in the chaos. Just like Lara, there are countless cosmetics you can have for this robust robot, as he has shifted and changed a lot during his many years in the spotlight. But no matter what he transformers into, one thing holds true above all else - we need Optimus Prime to come to MultiVersus. 

7) Crash Bandicoot

Another character that shockingly hasn’t been part of Smash Bros is the bombastic bandicoot himself - Crash. Spinning faster than Taz, jumping higher than Wonder Woman and being more of a nuisance than Jake the Dog, Crash will fit right into this roster. Though he’d be slim in terms of cosmetics thanks to his design largely staying unchanged for his entire career, his moveset could be extremely creative. Whether just spinning, punching and kicking, or doing more unique things like riding adorable polar bears into battle, the possibilities are endless!

6) Neo (The Matrix)

Not only is this character extremely likely because he was included in the aforementioned leak, but also because he's an incredible pick thanks to his abilities. Imagine the fun you can have with bullet-time mechanics, or the sleek and stylish fighting styles Neo implements throughout the movies. His whole character will transfer flawlessly into a fighting game. Naturally, gunplay can be introduced, but doesn’t need to. Neo is much more deadly with his fists than with any firearm. Neo was highly rumoured as an Injustice guest character in the past (another Warner Brothers game) so it’s not at all surprising that it looks like he’s gearing up to make his MultiVersus debut. Neo is a character that needs to (and very likely) come to MultiVersus. 

5) Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)

Witcher 3 Screenshot

Toss a coin to this Witcher who absolutely needs to be included in the MultiVersus roster. Not only is the Wticher a hot property right now, but Geralt isn’t even new to fighting games. Included as a playable character in Soul Calibur VI, Geralt is a veteran when it comes to clashing against characters of other franchises. With multiple swords, magical abilities and a fierce personality, Geralt is a perfect character for MultiVersus. If they wanted to make him the most popular character in the roster, they could even get Henry Cavil to voice him. This may seem like an unlikely prospect at first, but based on the incredible voice talent already on display in the roster, it's entirely possible.

4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are such an obvious choice for MultiVersus, I am shell-shocked to see that they are not in the leaked roster. Not only were the heroes in a half-shell featured in Injustice 2, but they are always so fun to play. With four characters in one, there’s a lot of different options available from a design space.
Unfortunately there’s one tiny hurdle that may stop these eternally loved characters from coming to the multiverse. Featured in 2021’s direct competitor Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, two of the four ninjas Leonardo and Michelangelo are playable. This may make it difficult for them to be included until at least much later due to licensing and marketing rights. However, rights are deeply complex, so anything is possible, really. Regardless, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need to (eventually) come to MultiVersus.

3) Godzilla

Another character that has been apparently leaked, Godzilla is such a good choice for this game. Like the Iron Giant, he would likely be a huge beast that would stop, slash and atomic breath his way to victory. Green and mean, Godzilla would be an instant-purchase for many, myself included. For cosmetics, you can only imagine the fun the developers can have with this iconic kaiju. From a rubber suit to the disgusting Shin-Godzilla, he can be terrifying or hilarious. A brilliant fighter for any team, Godzilla is a character we need to see at some point in MultiVersus’ future. 

2) Spider-Man

For years, fans of both Marvel and DC have wanted the opportunity to pit the characters against each other. However, MultiVersus might actually enable this incredible idea to be a reality. Famed Mortal Kombat and Injustice developers NetherRealm were reportedly working on a Marvel vs DC project. Is it possible that MultiVersus was this incorrectly rumoured project? Who knows! But what I do know is that I need to see Spider-Man webbing around the stage, kicking Superman in the face before scurrying to safety. Such an incredible fighter would make for such an incredible character, and could potentially make MultiVersus the best crossover game in history. For that reason alone, we need to see Spider-Man come to MultiVersus.

1) Eleven (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things Eleven stillframe

Easily the most popular TV show out right now is Stranger Things. And easily the best fitting character from the show to be a fighting game star is Eleven - the telekinetic badass whose powers are seemingly limitless. In most games like this, Eleven would be a problematic character for two reasons. The first being that she is a younger person, and for obvious reasons, game publishers like to stray away from having children & teenagers in violent fighting games.
The second is that Eleven does not use physical attacks, therefore it would be strange to watch her throw punches and string combos.

Fortunately, both of these issues are addressed already in MultiVersus.
The first is that there are multiple young characters in the roster already. Thanks to the cartoony aesthetic, characters simply bounce about instead of actually being hurt. Arya Stark is about the same age as Eleven and also comes from a live-action TV show, yet she fits perfectly into this game.

With the second issue, the developers have made a non-violent character like Velma from Scooby-Doo viable and interesting, so making Eleven work with just psychic powers would be an easy feat.
Stranger Things has only gone from strength-to-strength and with inclusions in other games like Dead by Daylight, it’s clear Netflix are okay handing the licence out. It’s for these reasons why Eleven is the top character that needs to come to MultiVersus.

What are the MultiVersus Founder’s Packs?

MultiVersus Founder's Packs examples

Even though MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, of course it comes with the expected optional purchasable founder’s packs. These packs give you access to character cosmetics and allow you to unlock characters without needing to grind the gold or buy Gleamium seperately.

Once again, these packs are completely optional and no purchase is required to play MultiVersus. However, if you want quick access to all the characters on offer as well as some cool extras, it is a great way to get started with the game.

The following Founder’s Packs are available as follows:

MultiVersus Founder’s Pack - Standard Edition:

The standard Founder’s Pack runs for about £35 and includes instant access to 15 characters of your choosing (allowing you access to the whole base roster and leaving you with two tokens spare).

You also receive 1 banner that is only given to Founder’s Pack owners.
In addition, you get 300 Gleamium; the premium currency which can be spent on cosmetics and other optional extras.

MultiVersus Founder’s Pack - Deluxe Edition

The middle option is the Deluxe Edition which goes for about £50. This version gives you 20 character tokens, so you can instantly unlock the 13 base roster characters as well as the next 7 that will surely be released within the next few months. 

Not only that, but you get the exclusive banner, access to a premium battle pass, an additional epic banner, an epic ring out effect and 1,000 Gleamium. Definitely a solid package for aspiring MultiVersus pros!

MultiVersus Founder’s Pack - Premium Edition

The most expensive edition goes for about £80 and includes more goodies than you could ever need!

Coming with 30 character tokens, this ensures that you can instantly get access to the entire base roster as well as the next 17 additional characters. The entire selection of characters on our list could release, and you’d still have tokens to spare! 

Just like the other two Founder’s Packs, you get the exclusive banner, of course. Then you get access to 3 premium battle passes, the epic banner, the epic ring out effect, a legendary banner, a legendary ring out effect, a unique nameplate and 2,500 Gleamium. 

If you want to find fierce competitors to battle with, make sure to head to our Discord to talk, fight and make some friends in the multiverse. 

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