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Limited edition PS4 to launch as part of Days of Play

Days of Play, Sony's annual gaming celebration and offer period, has become a bit of a staple of the gaming calendar. Offering some enticing discounts just before E3 unleashes a whole load of exciting new titles, Days of Play runs for 11 days from the 8th of June. However, this year the promotion is particularly...

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Two more New 2DS XL colours launch in June

Two new console bundles launch for the Nintendo New 2DS XL handheld console, featuring two new colours not previously seen.

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The end of the Nintendo handheld era

At 2017’s annual E3 conference, amidst the usual flurry of coverage about new games gearing up for release over the holiday period, the news that the next mainstream Pokémon RPG would be released on the Switch, Nintendo’s home console-handheld hybrid, was presented in a relatively hurried bolt-on to Nintendo’s main showcase. The reaction to the...

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PS4 Pro, 4 games, gaming headset and PSN Subscription for only £329.99

Update: The Turtle Bay headset is currently out of stock, however the deal still works without it and still represents incredible value for money! Want to skip all the reading and just buy the deal? Click here and simply add all the items to your basket, then use the code TDX-WFTW! We normally stick to...

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Nintendo to launch SNES version of the New 3DS XL

Nintendo have always been quite adamant that, despite the success of the Switch, they had no intention of ending their dedicated handheld range. Last month's release of the New 2DS XL helped to quash rumours that they were preparing to bring the curtain down on the 2DS/ 3DS range. And today, they've poured more water...

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